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  1. About “stepping it up” I was more referring to training and honing my skills over the next couple months. I know I will be no where close to the level of a majority of the people at that match but I would like to prepare myself ahead of time so as to do the best My skills allow with the opportunity I have. Thank you all for all the tips. I’ve doing a lot of drills and am seeing lots of gains. Just curious if I were to raise my classification before the match would I be shooting in the class I was at time of registration or time of match?
  2. Thanks guys for all the great insight. I’m currently a middle C class shooter but have been doing a lot of drills in preparation for the match and hope to step it up in a big way. Any drills in particular that made a big difference for you in major matches? I haven’t heard anything about an equipment survey Or the match book, Is it still too far away for those to be released?
  3. I’ve been shooting uspsa for almost a year now and was able to get a seat at production nationals. This is my first major match and not really sure what to expect. It’s a bit pricey and I want to get the most out of it. I was reading some threads on here about what’s included at major matches (shirts, food, drinks, prizes). Should I go there the day before to walk stages and get ammo chronied. It being nationals I know it’s a big deal but I have no idea what to expect. Thanks in advance for any help/guidance.
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