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  1. My advice? Read the rulebook, tell your squad that you're new, and ask if someone is willing to walk you through the match. You club might even require this.
  2. Some CZ's have a magazine brake in the grip. Can you check if that's the case? It's easily swapped for a different style.
  3. I don't think any stores carry CGW parts. Can you order it directly from them? They're usually very fast.
  4. I just use silver colored sharpies. Gun cleaner will remove it, but it's easy enough to mark again.
  5. You're right that you don't need to upgrade the gun yet. You'll want more magazines, though. The rest looks fine. Good luck!
  6. Hi everyone, new member here. I've been shooting uspsa for 2 years in southern Maryland. Focusing on production until this fall when I bought a buddy's tactical sport to try limited. Hoping my newfound practicing will get me through B class in both this year.
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