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  1. Does anyone have a 650 with the inline fab ergo roller handle and 9" ultra mount and able to measure the height of the handle from bench top?
  2. #1 shellplate #13204 #1 station 1 locator #13595 3 #1 locator pins #13930 22-250 modified orange case feed adapter #14313 Large case feed body bushing #13639 White case feed arm bushing #13661 6PPC powder funnel #13085
  3. That is actually quite impressive! Is that soft copper tubing? Did that take awhile to get the angles so cases dont get stuck?
  4. What is best/fastest way to use the GRX or is there just not a faster way?
  5. I almost bought just the case feeder for the 550 but decided against it. I ordered the 650 with case feeder and mr bullet feeder from double alpha/alpha dynamics. There is a decent deal if you order them as a package since it seems nobody discounts any Dillon products. I don't know if that is double alpha's normal pricing or a sale item as I have never looked before. I will need to get new qd plate and ergo press arm from inline now and besides the shell plate bearing kit are there any other upgrades you guys suggest? Also, I was going to order the redding carbide comp die set for 40sw, is tha
  6. Yes I would get a case feeder and depending how slow I am at doing it by hand may get a bullet feeder. As for current production on the 550 I am not reloading pistol on it just case prep for rifle. I powder individually and seat with a co ax for rifle. Sounds like I may go ahead and get the 650 and just leave it set for pistol. In that case, does the dillon powder bar meter sport pistol well or are people using the arredondo powder bar for the finer sized powders?
  7. I have a 550 I use now only for rifle brass prep but going to start loading 40sw and 9mm. Is the 650 worth buying to use only for 40sw and 9mm loading or just use the 550?
  8. I just ordered an Atlas titan and while I wait I am going to gather components. I will likely order sport pistol and fed 100M primers. Would you go with blue bullets or sns cast and either 180 or 200gr for 40sw?
  9. Thanks for the help guys. I will go ahead and order the 40 and stop changing my mind on which gun to get.
  10. No real goals at this point as I will probably only shoot more local matches. With how much I work I can only make 1-2 out of state rifle matches a year so I will never get to the point of being a national level competitor.
  11. I am trying to decide on a limited gun. I come from a long range precision rifle background but will be doing some USPSA matches this year for a change of pace. I was initially going to get an Atlas titan in 9mm but someone told me it will be heavier than it needs to be for 9mm. I am not set on 9mm by any means and reloading is not an issue as I am all set up for reloading besides just getting components for whichever caliber. My question I realize is subjective but would it be better to just go with a 40 and load it for minor or get a 9mm?
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