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  1. The next time that I get to shoot with Tom I will have to video the action. You learn something everytime you watch him shoot. (That's a left-handed compliment! ) As far as the guy shooting. It is my understanding that he is a lower tier shooter. Without being there, I think we all have the same idea on how he fired the gun. If you can't slide the cylinder release easily forward, the normal choice is to bring all the fingers and muscles to bear on the problem. He either gripped the trigger, or shoved the gun onto his trigger finger. MShotwell - if you are going to shoot this sunday bring your Revo. Maybe I will just video what's left of your reload. Man, I am just full of bang-up humor. That's another gun joke there. Full of 'em I tell you.
  2. All - Thanks for the information. Mike - Thanks for almost getting me fired. I was talking with Corporate types on the phone. Being the cool guy that I am I tell them "just a second, let's see what the foremost experts in the field are saying" or something to that effect. I'm reading down the responses and I hit your picture of Tom (I mean Mike, oh you know what I mean) and I busted out laughing. Luckily I was able to recover and still look cool. --- Meanwhile at the day job - I had already relayed how I have seen most of you guys reload. Some wanted to make it a strict step-by-step procedure for how lefties will reload. My answer was that it won't work. Everyone has different body style, hand size, missing digits, that make it an individual choice. The only strict rule is weapon safety. Once that is satisfied anything goes. The guy that did the shooting was hammer down, and hand been commanded to unload and show clear. Supposedly the right hand shoved the gun onto his left trigger finger. I don't know if I buy that explanation, but that's what they gave me.
  3. Tom M, Shotwell, etc. if you are out there, and others: Someone at another work place like mine recently had a negligent discharge. Left handed shooter with a revolver, had trouble releasing the cylinder. So he decided to use muscles instead of brains and gripped with both hands. Nine of the fingers were off the trigger, but one was on it, and fired into the ground 51" away from his foot. At least following two of the three safety rules made this a better ending. No injuries. I have watched Tom M. reload many times but want to check with you guys again on what techniques you use for a S&W revolver with a stock cylinder release. Do you use the left thumb, or left index finger, etc. Thanks.
  4. Happy Birthday Old Man! I pre-celebrated your birthday last night with several non-fruity beer selections.
  5. Personally with a Revo I like big bullet / Low recoil. You're not worried about slide recovery time. I'm sure Dr. Dre could more eloquently explain the concept of the heavy bullet. I recently read somewhere that Robbie says if they made a 400 grain bullet he would shoot that. On the earlier question about the 4.126 - Every so often in a run, I will run 10 cases through and dump the powder together to check the average. I will almost be spot on at 41.26 (4.126). I could maybe whoa it up a little more, but something this consistent I want to leave alone.
  6. Last year a bunch of the revo guys stayed at the Best Western Airport. It was clean and safe. They had a hose to wash the mud off after each day. Tom and I, Sam, 41 Mag, Professor, Nemo, Keith and the Minnesota gang, and a bunch more. Only a few minutes from the range, a few miles to downtown. Less crime in the parking lot than the Official Match hotel. I tried to book online, and ended up just calling the desk. When I asked them if they could give me a better rate than the advertised rate the girl gave the room for $60 a night. So it pays to just ask if they can do better. Wish I could go this year, but I start to get shrively if I don't get out of the rain every 4 or 5 days.
  7. I'm with wizz! VV310 for 45. I have had very consistant loads with 4.126 grains under a 230 Moly bullet. At three different state or sectional matches all rounds chronoed were within a deviation of 2 fps. I buy it in the 4 lb. keg and it comes out to around $20 a lb. You can stretch a pound a little farther I have found if you just leave the powder out of a case every so often. (Thought I would head Cliff and Tom off at the pass with that one. )
  8. OK guys, here is what I have so far in sneaking up on a load. 220 grain lead bullet VV 320 - 2.5 grains OAL = 1.15 Chrono 588 - 612 FPS PF = 132 avg. Imagine an airsoft gun, with a silencer. I have shooting against Doug for a few matches using factory ammo. I chronoed it and it came out at a 196 PF. Maybe now I can get a break.
  9. OK. Thousands of comedians out of work, and I get you for free. I would have expected something like this from Cliff. Now if I were testing this load in my S&W Revolver I would have no fear of the load. 'Cuz I know they are tough enough! But with my XD I'm not so sure. But if I find a load that works maybe I could just change my moon clips and use them in both classes. Doug - If you read this I think that I can go 1.15 without rubbing the inside of the magazine. Now I will start off with 3 to 3.5 grains and move up from there.
  10. Silly me for not just emailing you first on this one. I have gone back and forth on light/fast or heavy/slow. So I picked this one first and figure I will work my way through the pile till I find something I like. I will test some empty cases and see how long will fit in the mags, and chamber reliably. Then I will start at 3.0 of the vv 320 and see where that takes me. Will post the results on a day it doesn't rain.
  11. Hey everybody, Gun: 5" Springfield XD Caliber: .40 Bullet: 220 Lead Powder: VV 320 Where is a good starting point for powder? 3.5 - 3.8?? What about OAL? Anyone with any experience here would help. Have been loading .45 for years, but this is a new caliber to reload for me. Thanks.
  12. Of course each and every one of you within the sound of my email are invited. I started to watch Father of the Bride last night with Spencer Tracey, but gave up when it got too depressing. Hey Dr. Dre my daughter is taking the precaution of having her attorney (friend) stand up with her as a bridesmaid. You can't believe what things cost. The reception hall costs a model 625, the veil alone costs a Ruger .22. I'm expecting the dress to be an STI. I get kind of sick every time my daughter comes into the room and says "Daddy..." Oh well at least I won't have to wade through the mud and water in the garden state of Oklahoma. Cost me a cell phone last year, so I guess I'm up a few bucks.
  13. First I don't think Cliff Walsh, beer, and my daughter should be in the same building much less the same sentence. This new kid who keeps calling all the time is the marine poster child. 6'-4", 240, Black belt in Tae Kwon Do. However every time he has come to the house lately I have forgotten to pick up all of my guns. He is a pretty good guy though. He asked me for permission before he asked my daughter. Nowadays that says a lot. My daughters ring is silver. I told her that it looks like Stainless Steel to me!
  14. I'm out this year. It appears that all of my disposable income plus a little extra is going to be diverted to my daughters wedding. I tried to talk her into having the event in the clubhouse at USSA with 300-400 of my, I mean her closest friends. It's times like this that I think she can make the same face as her mother. But I am gaining a squared away Marine son-in-law in the bargain. Yamil, you don't do weddings do you?
  15. No No, I think you guys have misunderstood him. Mike is willing to work as a PRO Bono! I got you babe!
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