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  1. How much you would pay for hand fitted, bull barrel, S2 Eric Grauffel model LoL
  2. Oscar Swahn is often considered to be the oldest Olympic athlete and medalist. Swahn, who was a sports shooter, first competed in the Olympics in 1908 at age 60. He won two gold medals that year, one for the individual single-shot running deer and the other for the team single-shot running dear. Swahn competed at the next Olympics in 1912 and won another gold medal at age 64 (100m team running deer, single-shot), making him the oldest gold medalist ever – he is even recognized by the Guinness World Records as the oldest Olympic gold medalist. At the age of 72, Swahn returned to the Olympics for the final time in 1920 and became the oldest athlete to ever compete – he also won a silver medal that year, which makes him the oldest silver medalist. If you still think that you are too old ........
  3. Just and additional info for this insanely overpriced piece of metal : Manufacturers Sales Recommended Price is 5000 USD +-10% can be slightly different in various countries based on different taxes and import costs. These accessories include: Red Dot- C MORE RTS 2 Range Bag- Elornis Industries Holster with Heart6 Hinge- Elornis Industries One extra magazine with Aluminum pad , Mec-Gar (total 3 magazines)Aluminum Magwell- Laugo Arms Red Dot ready Upper Slide- Laugo ArmsIron Sights Upper Slide- Laugo ArmsCleaning kit
  4. @Hi-Power Jack 2x Shadow 2 ('cause of cooling), morning and afternoon sessions schedule. Band aids, tennis elbow bandages and all other bells and whistles are set in place .... yep those two guys are real extremists LoL. One of them maybe will shoot competitively revolver for the first time in his life ..... 1/3 is in for dry fire. Joke from the range ..... when local gunslinger saw my dot torture comment was something like "crap you are torturing that dot really hard ...... put it on 25 please" Main issue, dry fire practice don't reflect on the heat (same with precision, since that I feel and see that slowness I'm starting with rush, try hurry recipe for disaster)
  5. Nope, no cheating at all (despite the fact that I "would" like to cheat. In that case diagnosis would be easy). Moreover sometimes I slow down to in last push phase to establish sp/sa. Also did occasional and random "freezes" in order to check stanace, grip sp/sa. All good. Reloads, mag in pistol half full, mag in holster full. Sure that they are deprimed, no powder with seated bullet.
  6. No, actually no DQ's at all whole my life (maybe I should do intentionally one .... safe one). Re loaded firearm, 11 years of service and 7 in combat zone (constant deployment if I don't count few days per 5-6 months). In 2011 member of national team at world military/police sniper cup. But what I noticed that every single time on the range/club match my lower body (from hip and below) get so stiff and led heavy. Maybe some lead....
  7. Sounds really good @GrumpyOne , but it seems much harder than I taught. Especially self expectation.... I noticed that one of the best runs in less than a year was when I ended asking RO "Did I engaged all of them?"......unfortunately that happened once
  8. Thx for reply Jack Only thing that I noticed is level of "eagerness" before buzzer go on....... for example yesterday ...... I didn't made any , literary any single proper draw (reaction, acceptable grip, timing).... and 15 minutes after the range time (when I came home) I did a short 30 minutes dry fire practice .... everything was as it should be :(. From my side looks like huge overtining mixed with adrenaline rush...... but I'm far from sure ..... In 10 days I'm traveling abroad for practice with good friend and GM. Possibly one of the big names (WS champs) will appear..... very intensive, 2k rnds a day for 7 days ..... maybe it will make a break......
  9. Hi good fellows, After less than a year of practice (precisely after a less than a year trying to resurrect from 5.5 years of absence from competition world), did lot of a dry/live fire and came to a certain point. During training session (dry fire to be precise) I can do most of the drills from different established books in more than a timely and technically correct way. For example: Cold state draw: 0.9 Warmed up draw: 0.6-0.7 Cold state reload: 0.9 Warmed up draw: 0.7-0.8 Cold state el press: 4.5 Warmed up draw: sub 4 ...... Important to mention, no self faking with lousy grip, hooking, sight alignment, sight picture and so on ..... And when body hit the range (ex club match, practice session .....) all those times are going to ....extreme..... DRAW: 1.4-1.8 RELOAD:not even worth to mention ..... Humbly asking for advice/ diagnosis .... overting, overthinking ....... mental issue, normal state in progress process.... TIA
  10. https://www.salomon.com/us/product/speed-assault.html FFar better than speedcross
  11. Thx a lot j1b , Hi-Power Jack. Also, really generous comments. Especially for "C" level classification. In reality I think more about low/mid D. Why? If I grade from 1-10: 1. Grip/recoil mgmt= 1 2. Manipulation= 1 3. Shot calling = -5 4. Precision= -3 (Mr. Mike is my best friend. If you see him tell him to f*** off from me ) 5. Splits = 1 6. Transitions=1 7. Movements (entering/exiting/lateral/twists)=1 (at least didn't kiss the floor) 8. Shooting on the move = -1 9. Stage plan, rehearsals (visualisation), execution = 1 (realistically 0) 10. ...... In essence, I cannot see element that I shouldn't work for improvement . Demoralizing? Yes Frustrating? Yes Determined? After 16 weeks a little bit burned out. Should I continue? Don't know (in 14-15 weeks it's easy to develop bad habits on GM level)
  12. Ok great fellows. After 5.5 years of absence, no training at all, and doing other things ..... I have desire to return into competitive shape. Following videos will follow my path and looking for your spitting, slapping, bitching or constructive views and recommendations. Without all those things I would not achieve my humble goal. GM in a 365 from today. Countdown started First two are after 14 weeks "training". Now and then dry fire and 13 livefire session (+some more static). So .... feel free, be honest (I know that this is so clumsy) and CHEERS
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