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  1. So did you end up trying the 329? How did it go? Actually since this thread started I ended up buying one myself for backpacking and really enjoy it. I've handloaded some rounds with 240gr MBC (coated) come out about 775fps and are quite pleasant to shoot. It lets you know it's there but pretty darn easy considering the comparison with a 1250fps round. Looking forward to sending it in to get cut for moonclips and then doing an IDPA match. The 6 shots and 4" barrel are both at the max. for idpa, so works just fine. Very curious to hear your experience.
  2. Awesome, thanks guys!! I'll check out the alignment tool and get to it. Thankfully I got about 300 rounds done before it started acting up so regularly so have a little time to straighten this out. Thanks! Steve
  3. Hi All, I'm relatively new to loading with maybe a couple thousand .38 p+ rounds. I recently switched components to load the large magnum primers in .44mag, but am encountering some primer seating issues. Using Dillon 650 with Dillon dies, Federal Large Magnum primers, Starline brass (new brass now). Once every 3-10 rounds, when I push the lever forward to seat the primer, I feel the primer "catch" and not want to go into the case. After inadvertently setting off a primer when I pushed too hard in this case, now I go very slowly and if I feel the "catch" I simply remove the case to avoid that happening. Normally when I remove the case the primer hasn't entered at all, but one time I saw that it was stuck at an angle going in. This didn't happen before so any ideas what would cause this? Thanks, Steve
  4. 160gr Bayou (.358) .38 special cases V320 4.2gr Ave. PF 135 If ever get the inkling to run Major, I've found the following load fun to shoot with a nice healthy but fun kick: 180gr MBC (.358) .38 special cases V340 5.6gr Ave PF 172
  5. That could very well be true. At the time, I went with them as they were the only coated .358 bullet I could find in 180gr. Everyone else seemed to top out at 158gr. For the more available weights, I'm not an expert at all the options. Have enjoyed the MB so I can run a lower fps to be Major.
  6. Yes, that's what I was noticing. I've seen a few guys run the R8 at local matches, though at 35 oz. at a different level of "light" than the 327. Sorry to sidetrack from OP.
  7. Sorry, meant if you got a 327 would you get a longer barrel or run the 2"? Cheers
  8. Can check out Missouri Bullet Company also: http://missouribullet.com/results.php?category=20&secondary=8
  9. Would you get a longer aftermarket barrel? 23.1 oz would be sweet if run light enough loads so your hand can handle 100-300 rounds of rapid fire in a day.
  10. The 4 is good if you're gonna carry it in the woods, that's what I have on my 629. With the 4 inch you can sit down in the Jeep without the grips poking you in the ribs. Haha, yeah at competitions, when I go to sit with my 6.5" 929, I need to make sure I'm at the end of the bench or seat so it can hang off the side. That said, if I were to get a 629 not for backcountry defense but actual hunting, I'd seriously consider the extra inch of barrel...but don't want to divert too much. I could see for general use 4" and for competitions/hunting leaning towards the 5", though of course all is personal preference. Cheers
  11. Thanks for enlightening my ignorance, even a little. The coated bullets I use are supposed to be treated like lead cast in terms of loading data, but I'll double check with them. Thx
  12. Hmm...are you trying to get me in trouble with temptation to pick up another wheel gun?! A 5" 629 is already on the radar, but will resist.
  13. Looks beautiful. I tried out the wood at first on mine, but from pure practicality went back to the rubber, with a dremel to smooth out finger grooves. Yours looks way better though!
  14. I've also had good luck with Missouri Bullet Company: https://www.missouribullet.com/
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