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  1. I have a buddy who has put 30,000 rounds on a gun with DPP 2.5 and then SRO 5 and he says he can’t tell any difference in dot size
  2. I loaded up 3400 rounds on a Mark 7 and the powder measure worked itself lose and I didn’t notice it because I’d never had the problem. I took the ammo to a major the very next weekend. The first stage was a unloaded start so I wait for the beep lid the gun and “poof” but the RO didn’t stop me so I pulled the slide to clear it and put a new mag in, I knew it wasn’t going to chamber another because bullet barely cleared the chamber needless to say the RO had no clue what to do and I couldn’t stop myself. After all done I ended up taking a 0 on a 150 point stage
  3. The problem with cmores is one could be completely different from the next. It’s in the modules that cause the difference in brightness.
  4. The biggest thing to me for the SRO is how low you can mount it because the window sits lower then most other micros which in return cuts down on the tilting of the gun and like previously said it has Trijicon on side of it so should hopefully have good reputation. My deltapoint broke after only 3000 rounds on my Shadow 2
  5. I shot with a guy last week who had a open Glock and had a jam at least twice on every stage. I was in same boat as you but with carry optic because I wanted a shadow 2 but couldn’t afford it and went with a Glock and finally had enough for shadow 2 and I wish I would’ve went shadow 2 from get go. So if I were if wait and get what you truly want instead of settling for something because you can afford it here and now. The wait will be worth it
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