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  1. Lokgrips for tanfo now available at Benstoegerproshop for $67. I want the palmswell but tempted to get this one too
  2. Dont leave us hanging buddy. Post them pictures!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Update: Silicon carbide on EGD grips > modded Scales 1.0 So far nothing has come to beat that griptape texture. SiCo FTW
  4. I did/do the following to keep everything reliable: 1. Polished the contact points of the extractor (approximately half), as well as running the extra power spring 2. Clean the crud out near the extractor after every match/range trip 3. After 250-350 rounds i do feel like all the crud buildup interferes with the trigger action and the feeding action so i always bring an action blaster/degreaser and re-lubricate everything afterwards I can proudly say ive never had any feeding/extraction problems
  5. I thought people preferred the polymer PD palmswell cause it gives you the option to stipple if you want a more aggressive texture, didnt expect them to crack (although PD did give a disclaimer). Stippling the polymer palmswells is a good alternative to silicon carbide.
  6. awesome. I heard the henning grips were really grippy for some people but idk i havent tried one. Post pics when your done
  7. Yep goodluck. What grips were you planning on using?
  8. Yep should be good as long as you dont remove too much material on the area where the screw goes. Actually i replicated this with my extreme grips which were metal, works fine but it was too "thin" for me
  9. Ohh thanks for the clarification. Cant wait to try it, i doubt ill have as good as recoil control than the one you showed on your video though
  10. But isnt the longslide #6 going to be #8 on fullsize? I dont understand how the conversion works.
  11. Lol thanks. Since im not a good of a shooter, might as well have a good looking pistol rofl Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Bevin is based in Southern California. I second this, turn around time has been nothing short of speedy, I didnt even have to miss a weekend match lol
  13. Woah im impressed. Cant wait for my #6 to arrive. May I ask what Hammer spring youre using? One thing im worried about is the slide ramming up onto the frame too hard.
  14. Was in a dilemma whether to modify my Scales 1.0 with Silicon carbide or do serrations. Ended up doing the latter. Not as flawless as Id hoped for but pretty satisfied, yet to be tested though.
  15. I see, thanks for your input! Ill keep those in mind when i try testing different configurations.
  16. Interesting. I tried the 8lb yesterday during practice cause i noticed the 10lb had more dip for me during double taps. I did think it was a bit sluggish but i assumed it was because i used the same hammer spring (12lb).
  17. Great, be sure to let us know how it goes
  18. Ive wondering for the longest time where that 6lb spring can be found cause i wanted to try it out. COuldnt find a #6 for the fullsize model.
  19. Looking good. I shouldve gone with lower grit like you did. I like my grips aggressive and 60 grit wasnt enough for me.
  20. After a practice session, I cracked one of the grips. I think removed too much material on the part where the screw sits and made it prone to pressure when i was tightening the screw. Another factor would also be the low quality plastic. Lesson learned lol. Probably gonna re-do it on some metal grips.
  21. Actually i dont have my stock grips so i bought $25 plastic grips on ebay. I wanted to buy the PD grips but I think i really need the thumb groove. Should the thumbgroves be free of SC? i imagine it would be painful when doing too many reloads
  22. Thanks for this post @MemphisMechanic. Bought cheap $25 tanfo grips and will try it this weekend.
  23. I also had that problem. Basically came down to me having to seat the primers deep, now i run it 100%. Same specs as you (but im running the 12lb hammer and 10lb recoil), also running winchester primers.
  24. Definitely use the OEM pin or the PD pin. This is what kept happening to mine when i had the Henning Gen III installed. Pin kept getting caught in the FPB and firing pin retainer kept falling off. With the help of ARy was able to get it up and running 100% again.
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