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  1. I can’t think of a single reason why I’d get a 1050 instead of an Evolution... the price difference when you take into account the bulletfeeder is minimal and Mark 7’s machine is superior, by a long shot.
  2. Do you process brass? If you do, expand when processing with a Redding Expander or Lyman M-die.
  3. Hmm I don’t think so... mine is a 220v native machine! Contact Jay Hirshberg on FB before doing anything with that switch, your machine may be different than mine!
  4. There’s a tutorial for machines which don’t run at speeds over 1.800rph due to low voltage output from the electricity network. It is on Mark VII’s website, find it and it will show you how to open the electronics console and where the switch is. VERY easy! One of the extremes is 110v, the other one is for 220v and the one in the middle is for mediocre electricity output from developing countries like the one I live in.
  5. The 1050’s priming system makes me wonder how can these machines can be used commercially... it is SO BAD.
  6. IMHO, Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension dies are the best ones BY FAR...
  7. Insertion, extraction, need of adjustment, ease of adjustment, etc. The best looking rig BY FAR... but I think that function > form.
  8. I'm in Argentina. Got a full DAA rig and sold it before I even decided to do so!
  9. I got one and I hated it... my Ghost Ultimate Holster is SOOO MUCH BETTER!
  10. I got one and I hated it... my Ghost Ultimate Holster is SOOO MUCH BETTER!
  11. IMHO: - Under 90% is bad - 90-95% is fine - 95% is perfect - Over 95% is slow I'm usually between 90 and 95%.
  12. A guy in Argentina makes 3D-printed grips for Tanfo and CZ. He uses 3M sandpaper and they are great! Cheap, too... what kind of tips are you looking for? Maybe I can ask him on your behalf!
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