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  1. I preferred to wait to see if they answered me by e-mail, because : 1) i can speak Americain but if the representative speaks to me too fast or too technical, i'm not sure to be able to hold the conversation. 2) I'm not sure that my operator phone allows me this king of call Anyway : they answered me quickly (2 days agao) and send me the piece. They know how to build loyalty at Dillon ! I'm super happy ! Thank you guys for telling me to contact them, you were right ! Have a good day !
  2. They said it could take a week to answer my email. Fingers crossed. Wait & see.
  3. I followed your advice. But I live in Europe I do not know if they will do it. I hope because it is a specific piece, to find one it will be complicated.
  4. Hello everybody, I moved to another house and i had to disassemble my 650 XL press. The problem is that now when i reload, my powder mesure tube leans a lot on the right... I looked at the manual and i think i lost that piece : "Collar Sleeve from Connector Body Collar" and do not see what it looks like. I can't find any pictures of it on Google. Apparently it is made is white plastic. 1) Could someone make a picture of this piece please ? 2) Do you know where i could buy it ? I attached the page of the manual that speaks of this piece that I sur
  5. @grumpyone here, i can have it for : - 1200$ for 20k : 123gr (not 124gr sorry) - 1350$ for 20k : 145gr So it's very good when i see "maybe $20 per 1k". The 150$ It's only because i buyed 20k ^^ @L3324 : thank you too ! if you never have problem with chrono in competition maybe i will decrease to 132-133
  6. i really want to try 147gr, because a lot of user said like you. The feeling seem to be very different ! But at my last order, the difference with 124grand 147gr was more than 150$ if i remember for the total of bullets i take (for me and my wife). This season i cant, maybe the next season 135PF is where we are right now. It looks like i could not down my powder and have less recoil Thank you for your advice
  7. Hello, I will start my new season of IPSC. I am a newbie on reloading. I shot in minor production. I would like some informations on reloading. My goal is to be a minimum factor not more. Because like this, there will be less recoil, best gun control, faster return to target, so less time which is important for ipsc. (my wife shoot with me, and less recoil is better for her too) Im scared to load my cartridges for 125 PF. 1) because if there is a difference between my chrono record and the one on the competition, I may not pass and not being classed. 2) I was told that according to weather
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