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  1. This is my fresh Matt McLearn build
  2. Thanks for the input. I'll be taking it apart this weekend. Got to have it back up and running!
  3. Was practicing trigger speed tonight doing dryfire, after about 20 minutes of bill drills, I pulled the trigger and it never reset. The only way to reset it is to physically pull it back, or pushing the mag release seems to have an effect on it as well. I searched and could not seem to find another thread on this. Let me know what you guys think Thanks
  4. I recently went to my local diner for Sunday brunch, they had an option to substitute the waffles for french toast for their famous chicken and waffles. Talk about delicious! Oh and the Bloody Mary's that washed it down were not half bad either....
  5. rh203

    mbx magazines

    Mine is not stepped like that at all. I am shooting another practice session tonight. It continues to run well, however, I cannot help but be skeptical.
  6. rh203

    mbx magazines

    What does your follower look like? (Flat or stepped?) If by stepped you mean textured then yes. Please clarify if that is not what you mean. No, there is literally a step, I'll get a pic up soon on it... I looked at it last night and I do not believe it is stepped. It is steeply angled but noting like any other 2011 mags that I have or have seen. Most seem to have a step. I will try to snap a picture as well.
  7. rh203

    mbx magazines

    What does your follower look like? (Flat or stepped?) If by stepped you mean textured then yes. Please clarify if that is not what you mean.
  8. I am moving to Charlotte as well. Will definitely be looking for a place to practice.
  9. rh203

    mbx magazines

    I am having a new open gun built and it will be ready in a few months and my gunsmith recommended these mags. After reading through this thread I was understandably skeptical. So instead of buying five of these mags when my gun is ready I just bought one now to run in my current open gun. Just got it last week and so far so good. I am able to fit 24 9mm right off the bat. Only ran about 200 rounds but flawless none the less. I will be running it this weekend at the Ohio Buckeye Blast match. I will post an update after the match.
  10. rh203

    RTS 2

    So it seems to me from reading through this thread that the RTS2 is riddled with issues...I am having an open gun built and am still not sure what sight I will chose. What are the "advantages" of the RTS2 over the standard c-more...I use "advantages" lightly because like the post above me says...I can blow a match on my own, I do not need the extra help of a faulty sight for that.
  11. Yes I was listed as pending on my match registration. I will contact them and see what they can do for me. Thanks for the advice!
  12. I just shot my first USPSA match a couple weeks back, before I had a USPSA number. So now I am pretty hooked and registered and got my USPSA number. Is it possible to get the scores from the two classifiers I shot at that match associated with my number so that I can get classified sooner?
  13. I am in the process of putting my holster rig together and the only component I still need are my mag holders. I have the ELS belt, the 014 holster and plenty of ELS clips, my question is if I can use any of the 771 mag holders and attach them to the ELS forks. I cant tell from looking at the pictures on safarilands website if I can just pop the belt loop attachment off and put the ELS fork on instead. Does anyone have experience witch changing the attachment methods with these mag holders?
  14. So this is all totally new to me..say I was to re-barrel a .38 for a 9mm...Should I get a new comp too?
  15. I'm about to have an open gun built, any pros and cons for curved vs. straight trigger? And does one weight feel better on one versus the other? Also, anyone have any experience with a reverse curved trigger?
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