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  1. I had more extreme results with my pistol load using CFE Pistol. My 147's were pushing 133PF out of the pistol but out of the rifle it was pushing 167PF. This is coming from a G17 to a 16" rifle.
  2. All of this is dependent on the powder used. I'm running 40 Single Stack Minor and with a 180grn bullet at 730fps it is quite soft with no issues. With N310 I'm only using 2.8grn powder on a coated bullet. Cost is about $12-$13 per 100 rounds.
  3. I spoke with a large STI retailer today who suggested either Dawson or Wilson 2nd gen mags as being the most reliable for fast mag changes. They said the Tripps were good mags but sometimes would have feeding challenges if slammed in abruptly, which dislodged the first round forward in slide lock back reloads.Have you experienced this Steve? If you compare the Tripp mag to the factory mag you will see where you need to remove a little material. It's a simple fix with a dremel and the mags will run flawless with the Trojans.
  4. I've been using the Lone Star Innovations safeties. Glenn can make them in any configuration and they are simple in fitting. With warranty he puts on them they can't be beat for under $100.
  5. Does anyone have a good pet load for a 147grn Precision bullet and Titegroup? I'm shooting a G17 for IDPA. Thanks, BJ
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