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  1. i recently ran out of the 9mm acme coated 122gr tc bullet,they will not be making them for another 4 weeks min, since i cannot find them, i am curious if any shooter have had any luck with the lead non coated bullet. any suggestions on which were accurate. i have a new Hellcat and it loves the 122 acme coated TC bullet with 4.2 W231 at 1.070 chet
  2. going to be installing a red dot on my wife's PPQ, this gun is not optics ready. i see there are a few dovetail adapter mounts, i don't want the type that uses set screws to tighten the mount up in the dove tail, i'd rather they type that is 2 pcs with 2 screws to tighten in up in the dove tail chet
  3. looking for s 9mm optics ready target pistol for my wife, recently she went thru some cancer after the chemo and rad treatments, it took a tool on her overall strength. so after we started shooting again she was having s hard time racking her 9mm semi's. so i get her a S&W shield 9mm EZ slide, no problems, i let her shoot my Canik TP9SFX it came with a Vortex optics, she is barley able to rack it but she gets by and she shoots it accurate, but i can see it is a big gun for her, i would tickled if the Shield EZ slide was available ready for optics, so now i am looking for some input a new 9mm semi to get her that is optics ready, she has a Walthers PPQ, so will probably trade it in on something else, so far been looking at the Glock 19 MOS and the canik tp9 ELITE sc, is there anything else that i can check out, i was thinking of that optics mount that goes in the rear sight dovetail on the EZ slide but i don't feel it would hold up. thanks chet
  4. Has anyone ever 3d printed case feeder parts for the 550 and got it up and running chet
  5. i did finally polished all the trigger parts, except one thing i did not do because i was not sure if it would help or harm, was on the firing pin spring, i notice it had a rough texture, so i left it be, i will probably end up with a trigger kit, i notice the PRP kit is quite more expensive, but i do also notice it has more parts in the kit, i believe the PRP hellcat kit does not change the firing pin spring, where the Apex kit parts are just a firing pin and a trigger return spring, the way i see it the PRP kit should be a better set up, i am only saying this, i have never tried a PRP kit chet
  6. looking to where i may get a lighter trigger return spring and a lighter firing pin spring,,i installed the Apex trigger kit on my wife's Hellcat, nice trigger, i also have the Hellcat but i like the oem trigger shoe, i just needs the 2 springs, any idea where i may get them chet
  7. thanks, will give them a try
  8. been loading alot 9mm 125 rn coated lately, my wife has been saying the loads are quite snappy with titegroup and sport pistol, i have alot of other powders to try, any suggestions, she is shooting a walthers PPQ and the new S&W shield 9mm ez slide. i do have alot of other 9mm weights also, 115, 135, 147 and 165, but would like to stay with the 125 coated. chet
  9. i am getting low on my small pistol primers, i have a few 1000 of small rifle, will they work ok in small pistol use. chet
  10. since i have the new hellcat 2 weeks now, shot it about 40 shots, i am finding the trigger rough and a bit hard, before i have to spend another 150 dollars on a aftermarket trigger, i am curious if any hellcat owners went thru polishing the trigger parts ect and maybe changing the trigger spring or striker spring, or has anyone just polished the trigger parts and no spring mods. is it worth a try. chet
  11. well i want to thank for the tip on the grip safety, that was the problem, as i mentioned i do not have the problem probably due to the way i hold the gun, my wife is just getting over cancer, went thru 5 chemo and 3 radiation and this did take a toll on her wrist and arm strength, it's coming back but very very slow so she probably is not getting the grip she use to, but i did tie the grip safety plunger to the grip with some fine fishing line for the test, normally she would be lucky to shoot 3 shots the most and the slide would lock back, we just got back and she went thru 30 or 40 shots, no problems, now i have to figure a way to hold it in place without any drilling to the gun, although S&W did send me a Fed Ex shipping label for a return to check it out, not sure they can remedy but might be worth a try. any thoughts on returning the gun thanks again chet
  12. well i am off to the range with the grip safety held tight against the grip, hope this solves the problem. cold here in PA chet
  13. how much improvement did the PRP help, did it help any on reset, was it lighter, have you ever shot a canik 9mm if so does the PRP kit compare chet
  14. i am waiting on S&W to get back to me on this, chet
  15. Hello Sarge only thing when i got the gun, i took off the slide and cleaned and lube. chet
  16. that is what i thought it might be i watched her shoot, finger not near the slide stop lock. i am thinking the slide lock spring tension is either too strong or too weak, if the grip safety is not the issue, have to rethink what to do here chet
  17. 2 weeks ago i purchase this new 9mm EZ shield 9mm for my wife. she has 5 or 6 other 9mm semi auto pistols, no problems with them. this new gun is puzzling, from day one at the. we go to the range takes maybe 2 shots, slide locks back, pull slide gun goes into battery maybe will shoot 2 -3 then slide locks back with ammo in mag, so we go home and back the next day with the other mag, my wife shoots around 20 rounds and no problem, so i call customer service and explain, tech said the mag might be bad, so i sent the old one back yesterday, and we go to the range and the gun is doing the same thing slide locking back whenever it wants, whether she shoots 2 in a row and locks back or maybe 4 in a row, with the 150 rounds thru the gun maybe the gun work good about 3 or 4 mags filled with 6 rounds, law at our range is 6 rounds in pistols, does this grip safety have anything to do with slide locking back, reason i ask about the grip safety is because when i shoot the gun, i get no jams at all, so that is why i am concerned about the grip safety, if limp wristing was the issue the slide would not go all the way back, i may go back to the range in the next few days and do a test by taping the grip safety tight to the grip and see if problem still exist for her. any thoughts what to do, she does like the gun, is this a common problem with these ez shields. is it possible the slide lock spring tension is too much or too light tension. Chet
  18. thanks Tito chet ps trigger is a bugger, coming from my Canik TP9SFX, springfield shoud go the canik factory and get some trigger lessons light years ahead of my hellcat
  19. i solved the problem, i made a handi racker (Improved) chet
  20. HI tito after i posted about the optics, i did read about have to cut the top of the slide, gonna pass on that scope don't want to cut nothing, what did u end up paying for the sentinel chet
  21. i recently purchased a new hellcat OPS 9mm, been reading about optics for this gun, i see the halosun 507k is a good choice, but the close to 300 dollars got me thinking if there any other choices worth looking into at a lesser cost. chet
  22. it's bee about 2 years since my wife and I been to the range, due to her having to go thru cancer and had a historectmy and went thru chemo and radiation, she is coming around, she notices her arm strength has been effected and a few other things along with neuropathy ect, she always likes shooting her walthers PPQ, so at the range i could see there was no way this suits her anymore, so i did buy her a new S&W 9mm shield EZ slide, she gets by with it, so i am not giving up on the PPQ just yet, maybe some experience shooters can chime in, is there a possibility i can purchase a lighter recoil spring without messing up the gun and are there any devices available for the PPQ to install on the slide so maybe she can get a better grip on the slide, i see there are devices on some competition guns with a lever sticking out on the side ect. thanks chet
  23. went back to the range and problem still existed, my wife fired the 3 rd shot and it happened same as yesterday, so then to day we took along the other magazine and the gun worked flawless, as i noticed what was happening the slide was locking back as if the gun was on it's last shot, yet a few rounds left in the mag, so now i am hoping S&W will replace the mag or replace it. chet
  24. hi AZshooter i was just cleaning the gun, while i was at it i polished the ramp, going to try it tomorrow again, i might tape the grip safet just for testing tomorrow also to try and eliminate what is going on.
  25. i purchased a new 9mm ez shield for my wife the other day, took it to the range today and had quite a few slide hang ups, did not try the other mag yet, but what it seems to be doing when i watch my wife shoot it, the slide almost stays back after the shot, seems to be a delay like for a second then i will close, and and also there are times when there are rounds in the mag the slide will go back and go into slide lock, have to pull the slide and it will close, going to try the other mag tomorrow, also if my wife was limp wristing, what would help to sort or remedy here a 115gr bullet or the 147gr chet
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