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  1. I'd be interested in a couple as well
  2. Your bullets will work fine, tanfoglios have a pretty deap chamber. I run exactly the same OAL as you for my stock 2 and limited and have never had a problem with either feeding or accuracy. Congrats on the new blaster, you picked a really cool one!
  3. I love mine. Biggest benefit is it allows you to adjust your length of reach. That and it looks cool!
  4. The discount code works if you enter it all CAPS. Thanks for the heads up on this
  5. Merry Christmas All. Peace and love to you and yours! Sorry! Double Tap!
  6. Best advice I got from a long time shooter was "if you're getting all A's you are not going fast enough but you can't out run a MIke"...By the sound of everything discussed above your gun handling and transitions are leaving time on the clock. Those are alot easier to fix than accuracy!
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