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  1. Alright, so I have been pondering this for a while. I have a buddy who got a DVC Limited dry fired it and didn't like it and wants to sell. Then I saw this posting http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=231799 . Looks like a great gun, a little older and used. In the end they would cost right around the same amount. Do you guys have any input which would be a better gun? I am fairly new to limited game, been shooting production mostly. Any input would help. Thanks,
  2. techj, I like your style. called them up and was off the phone within 5 minutes with a replacement on the way
  3. Hey Guys, I am looking for a part for the Hornady bullet feeder. It is the spring tube that feeds bullets into the die. Anyone know where I could purchase one? Attached is a picture... Thanks, Sam
  4. Hey guys, I am looking to pick up time on my transitions. Just wanted to get a feeler out on what drills(live or dry) you guys found helped you most improve your transition times. Also, if you have tips you found useful when working on them. Thanks in advance, Sam
  5. shws

    Glock 24 Dawson Sights

    Thanks, I ended up calling them. They just told me to get whatever the recommended height is for the rear. Of course, that means that if it doesn't work I can just call and get another I was not aware of that, pretty awesome.
  6. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows what height of sights work for a Glock 24 slide? I'm looking at getting a Dawson set. The "competition" rear here https://www.dawsonprecision.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=80001927-1391889703 and one of the fibers here http://www.dawsonprecision.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=80001762-1388518376 . What height rear, and what height front runs well on a G24? Thanks in advance
  7. Good groups! I am going to assume you're right handed? It looks like you might not be pulling the trigger straight back (pulling to the left with right finger and to right with left finger).
  8. This is something I just starting noticing myself. I just have to remind myself that just because my splits aren't under .2, that doesn't mean I'm doing poorly.
  9. If you are not looking to go pro and have the money, who cares!
  10. One of the uses of a phone that I had not thought of. I will have to try this next match.
  11. I'm glad I read this, because I had the same thought
  12. Just learning to see and understand the sight picutre has been huge for me. i no longer try and just get the shots off
  13. shws

    Do Pros have bad days?

    they have bad days i'm sure. they're bad days are better than my good days though
  14. shws

    Weak hand shooting

    one trick i learned is to remove your ring and pinky finger from the grip when dry firing. let's you see how the trigger pull is
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