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  1. Ok so until an expert comes along I’ll have a go. How long have you had the gun? If it’s new it shouldn’t need any new Springs but I would change the lifter Spring every year. I don’t have anywhere near the amount of play you have in trigger group so without knowing how handy you are (apart from engines) I would watch a YouTube video and disassemble/reassemble the trigger group and parts. There’s a good one by 4reverse4. I wouldn’t cut any springs down and wouldn’t do anything to a carrier Latch other than polish it shiny.
  2. Yep those measurements are the same as mine. Just wondering if the strut on the drop lever that interacts with the hammer cap is 8.9 mm long from the outside edges? I’m surprised an expert hasn’t been along by now
  3. There should be play in the trigger group when the hammer is released but not when it isn’t. Having said that not as much as you have in my opinion. A worn recoil Spring will cause a malfunction but not that malfunction in my opinion. I’d be interested in the bushing length if you have a vernier gauge. Hopefully a proper expert will be along but surely the lifter spring is a good one to change anyway.
  4. I don’t believe an XP spring will help you. I may have it wrong but that’s for heavy loads. However looking at the pic the interaction between cartridge drop lever and hammer cap Spring isn’t correct. There is lateral movement on the bushing that goes through the drop lever/ lifter/ hammer but I can’t tell if the D clip is fitted in the slots at the end of the bushing even though you say it is. Remember change one part at a time, don’t just go mad.
  5. If I were having this issue I would be looking to swap the whole trigger group. Do you have a friend with an M2 who you can lend a trigger group from? Process of elimination, and there’s many parts there to rule in/out. If this were an M2 clone I would consider changing the cartridge drop lever. Thats my 2 cents. Keep us informed how it goes.
  6. In my opinion every year and carry a spare ready to go just in case. Its not like they cost a huge amount of $$$
  7. Weak magazine spring. Just replace with a new one and you're good to go!
  8. I have also had this. Gave the rough patches a polish at the weekend and now seems good. Interested if the new breech bolt latch is part of the issue. Hope the match went well?
  9. Using a rear sight can help out greatly when shooting weak shoulder too. There's a tendency to badly mount the gun in the shoulder when shooting weak side causing the gun to shoot high.
  10. Imitation leads to innovation and vice versa. Eventually it all leads to drinks, overlapping or not?
  11. Yes overlapping drinks, that way you can handle 2 at once in the same hand. Best to do drinks strong hand though as I believe a dropped drink is a DQ!
  12. Oh boy I'll be putting another order in then! Did the original MGs not overlap? Looks to me now that you could set the top clips up with one slightly higher than the other for grab and use the bottom clips for shell height?
  13. That could be a slippery slope my friend.. Live by the sword, die by the sword! I personally have rigs by King, Taccom and AP, and as Tim has pointed out they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. I think a magnetic version of the 8 up would be good with the shells overlapping.
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