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  1. Thank you for your reply. I don't disagree with any of your assessment. At this point I would prefer to try to fix it myself if I can. I believe I can sort the problem out with some guidance from you guys. So you believe the actual/original problem is the shell is slipping past the shell cut off lever? I have a factory Carrier, Hammer Bushing and Carrier Spring on the way, so I will take the Carrier out that I have bent, so that won't be a problem. I will not use the Wolff XP Spring as you suggest. If you believe the shell is slipping past the cut off lever, I should be able to bend that in a little towards the shell and put in the new Carrier, and Carrier Spring and try it out. Looking for advice if you think I should do something different. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your response. I agree that the Bushing should not be worn enough to be causing this issue. The Shotgun is basically brand new (700-800 rounds) through it. I purchased it brand new and sent directly to the Builder. I have had this issue since the first time I ran it hard. According to mrhoppy we have the same specs on Hammer Bushing length, so I'm not sure at this point that the Bushing is the problem, but I didn't have mrhoppy's information at the time and wanted to cover all possibilities. What I have done over this past week, is (slightly) bend the side of the Carrier on the side with the Breech Bolt Latch out away from the Trigger Group Housing and that has taken out the slop with the bushing and now the Cartridge Drop Lever does not move over enough to let the Spring and Spring Cap slip by. Of course now there is a gap between the Trigger Group Housing and the Carrier on that side. In my opinion, I should not have to bend the Carrier like that, so maybe the Carrier is out of spec. Hopefully, I will have a factory Carrier here sometime this week to give me something to go off of. If the new Bushing is the same specs as this one I currently have then that will remove that from the equation. I could possibly understand the Carrier Spring being weak as I have not shot the shotgun all that much, but I have practiced loading probably thousands and thousands of rounds which is moving the Carrier Spring every time. However, even the Carrier Spring being weak, does not solve my issue with the lateral movement of the Bushing, Carrier, Cartridge Drip Lever area. Thoughts?
  3. I have about 8.83mm. Yeah, I'm really surprised that some of the guys that have been shooting these M2's for years have not responded. I thought within five minutes someone would just say here is your problem, and this is what you do to fix it. Clearly that is not the case. lol It could be that my explanation of the problem is not clear enough for an expert to diagnose?
  4. And with the D Clip on the Bushing measuring from inside the lip to inside the D Clip at 20.90mm or .8230
  5. Yeah, the D clip is in the slots, but I can still push the bushing from side to side. It looks like you have some lateral movement in your Bushing also, but not enough let the Cartridge Drop Lever move over enough to let cap and and spring go. I don't really think the Recoil Spring is the problem either, but I am shooting loads a little on the heavier side and the Bolt returning is part of the process to lift the carrier. For the little bit that springs cost, I just wanted to have everything on hand that I could think of that may contribute to the problem. I would like to sort this problem out as quickly as possible without spending a fortune. I think I need to get that play out of the Bushing area before shooting it again. Just putting the Bushing or the Carrier in separately may or may not solve my problem. It may take both. I think the Carrier Spring may be on the weak side also, but I'll leave that for next to last before the Recoil Spring.
  6. Thank you for your response. I don't have anyone to swap the entire Trigger Group with. After taking this M2 apart (many times now) and looking at how all the parts interact together and the sequence of part interaction taking place, I believe I have it narrowed down to 4 possible parts. the Hammer Bushing is out of tolerance , the Carrier Spring is weak, the Carrier itself (since it not the factory one), or the Recoil Spring is to slow to return the bolt forward. When I take the Trigger Group out and let the Hammer forward, the Cartridge Drop Lever moves over far enough to let the Hammer Spring Cap and Hammer Spring come out of the Trigger Group. This does not seem right to me, but I don't have another one to compare it to. Yes the clip is on the other side of of the Bushing. LOL I have ordered the Wolff Standard and XP Recoil Spring, New Hammer Bushing, New Factory Carrier, New Carrier Spring. Hopefully, all parts will be here sometime next week.
  7. Hello, I am in need of knowledgeable advice on my New Tuned Benelli M2 Field. I have searched this Forum and the internet trying to find a similar problem as I have with my Benelli M2 Field, and I can’t seem to find anything that is exactly the same. I am ATTEMPTING to use the Shotgun in 3 Gun Competition. I have went through at least 700 rounds trying to sort this problem out. THE PROBLEM: Every so often the Carrier End gets stuck on the Lip of the Shell and Jams the shotgun up. It’s as if the Carrier is not dropping all the way down before the shell is being released from the Magazine. (Timing Issue?) The problem is intermittent. It can happen on the First shot, halfway through the Magazine Tube, or the next to last round or anywhere in between. On advice from the Builder, I have lightly sanded on the edges on the Back of the Carrier Latch where the Carrier Drop Lever interacts and cut off 1 Coil on the Carrier Latch Spring. Neither of these solved my problem. I returned the Shotgun to the Builder who looked it over and shot some ammo through it and said everything seemed fine. Upon receiving the Shotgun back I went out last Friday and ran two boxes of ammo through it without a problem. I went to a match on Sunday and had the Failure approximately 6 times before giving up with it. I have tried different Magazine Lengths and and 3 Brand New Springs, so I don’t thing it’s a Magazine Spring issue. Running a +9 Magazine Tube with 48” spring. This is NOT a problem with the shell just SETTING on the Carrier. I am using Remington Premier Nitro Sporting Clays 2 ¾ - 3 1/4DR - 1 1/8OZ- 1300 FPS – with 7 1/2 or 8 shot OR Winchester AA Super Sport: 2¾ - 3 1/4DR - 1 1/8OZ- 1300 FPS – with 7 1/2 or 8 shot. I am fairly new to semi-auto shotguns in general, and I am working on learning the names of parts and the terminology, so please bare with me. I have been a professional mechanic for 30+ years, so I am not afraid to take it apart and work on it, but I need some direction. In taking the M2 apart, I have found several things that don’t seem 100% right to me, but I have no way of knowing what is normal and what is not. If someone has seen this before, and can tell me what the problem is that would be great. If more information is needed I will do my best to provide it. Thank you, Dale
  8. Okay, thanks for all the info. I'm registering through a place called "eventbrite" and I can't see anything about what classes other people are shooting or anything. So if you are in say Squad 1 or 2 at a one day event, does this mean you will shoot first and therefore be done first or is everyone there shooting off and on throughout the entire day?
  9. I used the search feature but I'm not really finding much information on what the differences are between "Squads" other than how many people are preferred on a Squad type information. How do I know which Squad I should be signing up for? Do different squads shoot at different times of the day? I'm looking to do my first 3 gun match and I'm trying to Register. It is asking me which Squad I want to be on. I could use a little help with understanding this.
  10. Thanks guys! Lots of good reading and learning to be had here for sure.
  11. Thanks guys. I have been looking at all the places that run 3 gun matches within a few hours of here. I work a weird schedule and work every other weekend, so I'm thinking I'm probably going to have to travel around to hit the matches that are on my weekends off. Also, from what I am understanding I need to go and run a Classifier. I'm not having much luck finding one coming up soon in this area so far.
  12. Near Galesburg. It's about 45 minutes West of Peoria and about 35 minutes East of the Quad City Area.
  13. Hello, I have been reading on here for a few weeks and decided it was time to join. Lots of great information on here to help us new guys get started. Thank you! I'm looking to start shooting 3 gun this year. I have never shot any type of "official" competition before, so I'm looking forward to a new adventure. I have been around firearms my entire life, and had some prior professional firearm training, so I'm not new to firearms. Thanks to all the info on these forums, I have just purchased a Stoeger M3K and it is currently enroute to MOA Precision for a tune-up. I currently own several Springfield XD series pistols, so I will most likely use that platform for handgun. I'm thinking of using my current M4 platform for the first match or two and then decide on what to build for a rifle. This will help keep my startup cost down and hopefully give me some time to sort the game out a little better. Look forward to chatting with you guys on the boards and hopefully meet some of you on the range. Dale
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