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  1. I ran a holosun for IDPA. The advantage of the circle dot was I knnew for close range to use the bottom of the circle. But I started getting distracted by how busy the reticle was. So I switched back to a c-more and for close range head shots just aim for the top of the target. For center mass shots at close range I zerod the gun so if I forget to aim at the top of the down zero area I have enough forgiveness in the offset to still be within the circle. As for the rifle I own both and they are both great guns. I find for me follow up shots are way easier with the mpx, it takes zero effort (that's with a tungsten weight installed on my JP on the barrel positioned right next to the receiver to help reduce dot bounce). I found the recoil on my JP ultralight out the box to be about the same as my first PSA pcc (fit, finish, functionality and reliability on the JP is way better than my psa). I guess shooting my mpx for months prior while waiting for my JP spoiled me. I recently installed 5 tungsten into the buffer on the JP to slow down the bolt and it has vastly helped in softening the recoil and improve my follow up shots at speed, but it still takes more effort than my mpx (I don't reload anymore I shoot factory blazer 124gr and 147gr). I use the JP as a backup gun in anticipation of the Mpx failing and having to be diagnosed.
  2. I took my jp silent capture buffer out for the first time and the following part fell out and I have no idea what it attaches to on the buffer system.
  3. All my idpa buddies that I watch shoot theirs at matches have been 100%. I believe most have done a trigger job (probably springs) to improve the trigger. For the price they are hard to beat, my first pcc a few years ago was psa and I had to have my gun smith open up the chamber a hair. After that it ran thousands of rounds flawlessly till I sold it for and MPX and a JP.
  4. Totally understandable thanks for responding so quickly you all stay safe and God bless.
  5. Anyone know if the march shipment of 8moa went out to customers that had previously ordered?
  6. Top: Umbrella corp grip 23 (https://www.ucwrg.com/materiel/grips/6/grip-23/) Middle: Grip came with the mpx so I guess Sig Sauer. I was planning to change it before I received the gun because I like a more vertical grip, but after running the mpx in a few matches I found it was fine. Bottom: JP Hogue grip, I put it on this gun because I didn't like the angle and I have the gun for sale on GB.
  7. 5.5 with shroud. Makes the front end feel much lighter than the mpx.
  8. Been stocking up on factory ammo (9mm) since the first case hit Washington. Not going to be put in the position last time Obama was elected of driving around half the state to buy ammo 50% over retail at gun ranges 2 boxes at a time. No sir, let the hoarding start. And yes the Obama drought forced me to reload. But when I moved 2 years ago I never set my press back up
  9. One of the local uspsa clubs just sent out an email today anouncing cancellation till further notice. I expect my local IDPA to follow before next weekends match. Last Sunday's IDPA match still had 40 shoots which was normal. I am in Miami Florida area.
  10. I use a scabbard too (from safe to range and back). Much easier to deal with in my cart between stages and at the shooting box.
  11. One of the issues I had with my mpx was not being able to run a bad lever for load and make ready at matches. Hopefully I will have good luck with the jp. I will report back once the wife is okay with me shooting matches again.
  12. My PCC evolution from bottom to top PSA, MPX, JP. I haven't had a chance to fire the JP yet. Hopefully I can sneak out this week since the boss closed the office and told everyone to work from home. Probably won't be able to shoot a match till this summer when this virus non-sense is over with.
  13. Got an email today from JP that my rifle is ready and they just needed my FFL's cert. Hopefully I will have it by the end of the week. Not a bad wait from ordering and making full payment back on Jan 13. Discount code saved me $101.50 my final total was $2017.50 with the upgrades of the ultralight barrel, competition trigger, tf magwell, and radian charging handle.
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