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  1. thank you all for the help. I emailed Troy and he said it was fine to do. Both slide stops have been shortened, and hopefully I won't have that issue again.
  2. I thought it was legal after the production rules were updated? I will check for clarification.
  3. I had the slide stop work itself out far enough to lock the gun up last night 2 times while shooting groups. I'm left handed, and it's possible I was putting pressure into the end of the slide stop with my right thumb while shooting. It's never happened before, but I'm traveling to a section match this weekend, and I don't want to have any issues. I took out the slide stop, and it looks fine, I don't see any cracks and it doesn't look bent. It's also just as hard to remove as normal, I use the end of my bench to get the slide stop started after I line up the marks on the slide.
  4. does it only do it with unloaded mags? If so, the follower is causing the issue. I had a similar issue and it was fixed by filling the mags with dummy rounds, which I would recommend doing for dry fire.
  5. I asked @Tanfastic to switch the buttons on both my gats. They both had issues with the mags seating hard, then locking up the gun so the slide wouldn't move with the mag inserted, and the trigger wouldn't reset. We messed with the guns a bit, and it they both stopped doing it, but no idea why or what caused it. I live fired them both yesterday and didn't have any issues with either Stock 2. Last night I noticed my match gun was seating mags hard again and binding the slide. I put one dummy round in the top of the mag, and it stopped. I believe it's caused by the follower cont
  6. I didn't know they make a short mag release, that's good to know! I had a friend reverse the mag button, so I'm learning that now in hopes that I don't have the issue again. It hasn't been as tough as I thought.
  7. I'm a lefty, and I'm hitting the mag release accidentally with my support hand while shooting my Stock 2. Does anyone make an extra power mag release spring? Im using Extreme grips that are thin, my other thought is try thicker grips like Henning full checkers. I'm not sure I'm ready to switch the botton yet. Thanks!
  8. Hammer spring would definitely play into it. I wouldn't want a gun that was sluggish because I would feel like I'm waiting on the gun to cycle. I have a 15.5 hammer spring in my gun because I have tons of CCI primers and the trigger is at 6.5lb/2lb, which is light enough for me. I grip the gun really hard and liked how the sights track. Double taps mean a lot of different things to different people. I'm assuming you mean one sight picture and slapping the trigger 2 times? Try a bill drill and see what the sights do when you hold the gun really hard.
  9. Do you mean it feels like it's hanging up? Does it run more smoothly with a 10?
  10. I just switched from a CZ and asked Ben and Casey Reed what they use. They both said 10lb spring for 147gr bullets. I shot bill drills (sub 1.7) as a test with the 10lb, and really like how the sights track. I've shot a S2 with an 8lb, and it felt a little sluggish. I think the lighter springs will need to be changed more often also.
  11. The aluminum thin grips with the triangular cutout for grip tape are terrible. I grip the gun hard and still had problems with my support hand staying with the gun during recoil. The thick aggressive checker "lemon grater" grips that CZ Custom sells are the heat. They might seem a little sharp at first, but you'll get used to them within a week of dry fire. I can't recommend them highly enough.
  12. Thanks so much! I decided on the .090 and ordered it Monday. BSPS is out of them, but hoped to get them back in stock by the end of the week.
  13. Do you have the mag pouches above, or below the belt? I shoot Production, and have the pouches at the lower setting, but I have hit my thumb a few times on the piece that attaches the pouch to the belt. It seems like it would be too high if I had the mag above the belt. Thoughts?
  14. You are a genius!! I already tried Google, and only found threads complaining about them not filling. Going to cut off the tab on the CZ spacers now, it looks like that will do the trick.
  15. I had brand specific mag pouches, and need new pouches for my Stock 2. I ordered CR Speed pouches, to find they won't work with Tanfo mags, so dumb. It looks like the main options are Ghost or DAA racer plastic pouches. I would prefer pouches that the mags don't sit really deep, but they look pretty similar. Also, I will be sticking to bullets forward for now, and maybe try bullets out during the off season. I realize most guys use the Ghost pouches, but if the DAA pouches are better, I'll buy those. I'm not worried about the price difference. Thanks!
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