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  1. Also try looking at CompTac. Ether the belt or paddle versions. I don't think they make it in the International version.
  2. I have shot 115, 124, and 147. I think 124 would be a good balance 115 and 147. Personally, I still prefer 115 since it feels snappier and I feel like it brings me back to the target quicker. Shooting 147 feels very sluggish to me.
  3. I use ESS for my eye protection. Check them out. I see plenty of others shooters with them as well. If you wear electronic muffs, you may want to get the Suppressor frames. It has thin temple arms to prevent the discomfort of the arms pressing down on your head by the earmuffs. http://www.esseyepro.com/Ballistic-Eyeshields_161_category.html
  4. I see most who has posted are running GG&G followers. I run a Nordic and it has been working flawless as well.
  5. I would like to hear some input from others. I am in the market for a low mass bcg. Have been deciding between JP LMOS or Rhino low mass bcg.
  6. I run Briley extended choke for my M2 most of the time for local 3 gun matches. I hardly change it out since most targets are within 30 yds. If you have longer distance shots, you may need a tighter choke.
  7. Great write up. I still haven't had much issues with my JM Pro. I do believe I have around 1,500 rds thorough it. I never gave much attention to my recoil spring plunger or the spring. I'm going to have to take a look at mine. Another note to all JM Pro shooters is the piston. It gets caked up with carbon fairly quickly so that needs to be cleaned very well. And also light primer strikes can happen with the JM. Drop in the trigger spring from 10/22 and that will fix the light primer strikes as well.
  8. I have never had a bad experience with them. I use briley chokes for two of my shotguns. One time they sent me the wrong choke with my order. When I called them for an exchange, they sent me the correct one right away.
  9. I have Hi Viz in front and XS on rear on my M2 21". So far my slug shots has been dead on. I would highly recommend the combo.
  10. Second what logiztix said about the JM Pro. I own one as well and mine runs flawless. The key to keep a Mossberg 930 running is to keep the piston clean. It does build up a lot of carbon so you'll need to make sure that you keep it clean. Jerry Miculek has a Youtube video on how to clean the 930. I would try and see if you can buy a used one for cheap and then just go from there. I didn't spend a lot of money into the JM Pro because it came with almost everything I needed (extended mag tube, extended bolt release, and enlarged bolt release button). As others stated, you do not need to spend funds on limbsaver. Not unless you plan on shooting a lot of slugs. My JM Pro kicks softer than my Benelli M2.
  11. Just saw this thread. It was have been extremely helpful for me a couple of months ago. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely be letting the folks around me know. Lots of JM Pro shooters around me.
  12. If you needed a small part like a pin was missing or something , Mossberg customer service will probably just mail it to you. Anything like a bolt or carrier is missing, I wouldn't be surprised if they make you mail your shotgun and charge you for putting in the replacement part.
  13. You can't. I own a 930 JM Pro and have been researching for quite a while for a place to buy a spare. No such luck. Your best option is still to just send it off somewhere to get it welded.
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