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  1. Since I couldn’t find a suitable front sight, I bought a sheet of 1/8” florescent orange acrylic and made my own. I have similar sights on three of my other Smiths and love them, but those sights aren’t high enough. I took the gun to the range yesterday and it’s just the right height - 0.4”. With the rear sight cranked up just 3 clicks it’s dead on at 50 feet. The .45 Colt is at the bottom of this pic.
  2. I bought a set of LPA adjustable FO sights for a S&W 625-6 in .45 Colt. The LPA rear is about 0.15” higher than the factory sight and the front is 0.06 lower, so the gun shoots 8” high at 25 feet. With the factory front, it still shoots 5” high. Factory front - 0.34", LPA front = 0.28" Looks like I need a front sight (preferably FO) that’s 0.4” tall and I can’t find one. Any ideas? Oh, and it's a pinned front sight.
  3. After some research and an email to BUL, I learned that small-frame Witness 16 round mags will work. I ordered two from Midway and they fit. I ran a bunch of 9mm dummies through the gun and got perfect functioning. I'll get to the range soon to be sure, but unless I get back on here to say otherwise, 16 round Witness mags are the way to go. NOTE: 17 round Witness 9mm mags are also available. Don't buy them. They're for the large frame gun and not for the BUL Storm.
  4. I bought a BUL Storm 9mm from AIM the other day. The gun seems almost identical to a small frame Witness 9mm I used to own. It came with one 16 (almost 17) round magazine. A mag that fits the CZ75 B SA fits, but the mag catch slot is too low to engage. I can't find a listing for a magazine that's specifically for this pistol. Does anyone know what mags fit and who has them for sale? Thanks.
  5. My SteelMaster was driving me nuts. One match it would be okay and the next it would jam like mad. The original mount for the C-More sat right on top of the ejection port and often bounced empty cases back into the gun, jamming things up. I was told, “tune the ejector” or “change the recoil spring” or “install an AFTEC extractor ($75)” or “dance around the gun shaking Sioux ceremonial rattles”. I sorta thought a $2800 gun from Dawson Precision ought to work pretty well without the customer doing a bunch of complex or expensive mods. I was naïve. After removing the mount, I loaded three 20 rounds mags with a mix of three different 9mm loads using mixed brass and different bullet weights and ran them through the gun as fast as I could yank the trigger. Perfect functioning. Not a bobble. I ordered a Quinn III mount and went to the range to sight in. The gun now works 100%. As a bonus, the scope sits lower on the slide and doesn't pick up nearly as much junk coming out of the comp. The lens stays clean much longer than it used to. I'm not happy that I had to spend even more money to get the gun working. STI/Dawson shouldn't be sending out guns that cause this much trouble for their customers.
  6. I used one on my 22/45 for a few years and liked it, but then I bought a TacSol lightweight top end for the gun. It's significantly faster. The light weight makes getting on target and doing transitions faster. Recoil isn't a factor. By the time you've moved to the next target, the effects of recoil won't matter. YMMV
  7. That gun looks pretty rough, but at least it's not dangerous like my 686SSR: S&W has had this gun since 6 January. I haven't heard a thing from them. Considering that this "six-chambers-with-seven-flutes" revolver is the subject of threads on at least 14 shooting forums, I thought I'd get a little quicker response.
  8. I'm running Berry's 125 HP over 4.0 gr of TG for 885 fps in my S&W 327PC. It's a very clean load, pretty mild. A little hotter than I really need for Steel Challenge, but I don't shoot any faster with a lighter load and this one just feels right. It bounces back on target better than other loads I've tried.
  9. I shot the S&W Steel Challenge Nationals in Titusville, FL last year. It was my 1st try at the sport. I came in 106th overall, but was 1st in IDPA ESP Senior and Military clases and 1st in Rimfire Iron sight Senior. The prize table was so big that I won $300+ in prizes and also won a S&W Performance Center 327 revolver in a drawing. That ain't bad. This year I'll be shooting my tricked-out CZ75 SA with a dot sight, the S&W 327 8-shooter and my custom Ruger 22/45. I expect to have a great time, win more in prizes than I paid in entry fees and not be concerned that I get my butt kicked by the shooters from the AMU and Team S&W.
  10. In my .38 Super FS Witness, I use a .357 dia. 125 gr plated flat point bullet over 8.6 gr of Blue Dot. Velocity is 1180 fps and accuracy is excellent. Funny thing, 9mm bullets give me crappy accuracy.
  11. I shot in the Nationals at Titusville, FL this past weekend. This was my first try at the SC game. Shooting 3 entries was expensive, but worth every cent. The prize table included, IIRC, 24 guns and enough stuff that, even with a 106th place finish, there were plenty of good prizes for me to choose from. I chose a package that consisted of $150 worth of Starline brass, a nice Safariland holster, a set of Hogue “Extreme” 1911 grips, a Warren/Sevigny sight set for Glocks and a Brownells aluminum bushing wrench. Plus, I had one of the winning tickets in the “Junior” raffle and won a S&W PC Jerry Miculek signature 627 revolver! Not a bad haul for a guy who’s best centerfire time was 167.84!! I’ve been in competitive pistol shooting for over 35 years and have to say that this was the best run, smoothest, hassle-free match I’ve ever seen or heard of. Every administrator and RO was extremely friendly and helpful. Not a range Nazi in sight. The weather forecast for Sunday was looking pretty bad, but things went so well they had time to run the awards ceremony and the prize table on Saturday. Great match!!
  12. Max, you just might have something there. It didn't occur to me that the excess pressure from the Sprinco might have damaged the frame. My mom is sleeping in the bedroom with the safe (long night in the ER last night - don't ask) so I'll check in the morning. Thanks.
  13. Thanks, Heckle, but I replaced that spring too. Forgot to mention it. I just pulled the slide and replaced the slide stop. The spring tension on the slide stop measured 9oz with my trigger pull gauge. It's the same on my Super. So it seems the slide stop spring is strong enough. Nothing in or on the magazine is touching the slide stop. I'm as sure as I can be without X-ray vision. I can't make the slide lock back by cycling the gun, no matter how hard I do it. For some reason, it seems like inertia is pushing the slide stop up during recoil. Why this should be happening after the Sprinco experiment, especially after I replaced the slide stop and spring is beyond me. It didn't happen before Sprinco and it's constant now.
  14. Guess I didn’t give you all the info, including my troubleshooting steps. First, this gun functioned perfectly before I installed the Sprinco unit. I used it as a CCW piece and I don’t carry guns that aren’t 100% dependable. I’ve replaced the slide stop with a new one and also with the one from my .38 Super fullsize. I filed the inside bottom of the slide stop to the point where there’s no chance it’s being hit by rounds in the mag. I can’t get the slide to lock back with rounds in the mag unless I’m shooting. All 4 of my .45 mags have the red follower and they all do the same thing. Premature lockback happens most with higher velocity, snappier loads and much less with lower velocity, gentle loads. Holding the slide stop down with my left thumb solves the problem, but then the slide won’t lock back even on an empty mag. I replaced the ported barrel with one from a fullsize Witness. It worked fine until Sprinco came along. The problem happens with either barrel.
  15. +1 on the 124-125s. I got bad accuracy with 9mm 115s. Plated FP 125 .357 bullets shoot great.
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