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  1. The 2018 Snipers Unknown Challenge will be held at the Clinton House Plantation in Clinton, SC on Oct 5-7 2018. It is a team match. For more information visit https://www.fenixstrategies.com/snipers-unknown-challenge. There are still a few slots available.
  2. Yes, we can lighten the bolt on your 930, Versa-Max, or Benelli.
  3. The half day format was great. I would have liked to see some side matches like JC had at the Pro-AM. It would have been nice to have something to do after we finished for the day. I would like to send out a big thank you to the RO's and match staff; Linda, Howard, Larry along with everyone else involved with the match. I appreciate all you do for the sport. Now for my only real gripe about the match. I do not agree with the top 64 shooters having to pay to enter the shootoff. These competitors work hard all year, payed their match fees and shot well enough to Earn a spot in the top 64 shootoff's. Why should they have to pay again when they had earned the spot? Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone that qualified. You all did a tremendous job this shooting season. Keep up the great work.
  4. Belton Gun Club 3-gun is scheduled for Saturday, October 8th. The match will start at 10am. More information is available using the link below. WWW.WheatonArms.com
  5. Belton Gunclub the second Saturday of every month. Just outside Greenville SC
  6. The Belton gun club will be holding its monthly multigun match Saturday, Sept 10. Visit the link below for more information. http://www.wheatonarms.com/3-gun-events.html
  7. The stage round count is as follows: Stage1. 16 rifle Stage2. 19 bird, Stage3. 24 rifle, 4 slugs, 6 bird Stage4. 16 bird, 19 pistol Stage5. 12 pistol, 12 rifle, 16 bird I hope you can make it out for the match. The weather looks like it will cooperate for the weekend.
  8. Guy's we still have plenty of spots available for anyone that is interested in coming out and shooting this weekend. PM me and let me know if you can make it out and I will add you to the squad list. Thanks.
  9. The Belton Gun Club will be hosting its first 3-gun/multigun match on January 29th. The match will be 6 stages. The round count will be approximately 75rifle, 75pisotl, 50shotgun and 6 slugs. Preregistration is required with the number of competitors limited to 60. The match will include one stage with 300yd rifle one all pistol stage one all shotgun stage and three multigun stages. Scoring will be time plus penalties. Rules will follow Horner/IMGA/ USPSA format. Please use the contact information below for preregistration or for any questions about the match. Follow the directions on the club website to find the range. GPS will not get you there, or even close. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me about the match. We will try and upload the stages prior to the match. Plan on having a great time. Registration will be from 9-9:30. Walk through at 10:00 Entry Fee $20.00 http://www.beltongunclub.org/ Contact: Robbie@WheatonArms.com
  10. I just received one of the new Daniel Defense Light weight 16" barrels with a mid length gas port. I am waiting on the gasblock to come in and will provide a range report. The barrel is soooo light. I can't wait to see how it shoots cold and hot at distance. Everything I have used from Daniel Defense has been top notch.
  11. PRI gas buster charging handle helps alot with the suppressor blowback. You could also be getting blowback from the ejection port. Most of the air exiting the receiver from a suppressed AR goes out the ejection port. It is really noticeable if you are shooting left handed. It feels like you just got a blast of air in the face from an air nozzle!
  12. 308 as used today by the Military, LE, and Federal agencies all have optics. Why not do away with Heavy Irons and switch to all optics in HM? It makes sense to me anyway.
  13. Match application mailed this morning. Looking forward to a great and first west coast match. See ya'll there.
  14. To Andy, the entire match staff, RO's and the 4H, here's a huge thank you to you all. Andy, the stages this year were awsome! You had some tough decisions to make and you stepped up and made them. No matter which way you would have decided, it would not have made everyone happy. BTW the decision was in the best interest of the competitors and their safety. I cannot wait to see what kinds of stages you come up with for next year. Keep up the good work. Thanks again to all.
  15. What a great weekend! I got to shoot with a bunch of great friends at one of the best put together matches in the country. My son had a great time also. He got to make a lot of new friends that are the future of our sport. It was awsome to see all the junior shooters at the match. Congratulations to all the juniors; and remember it is never about how good you get but how good you give back. Thanks again to everyone responsible for such a wonderful match.
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