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  1. Thanks I wil dry fire more so it's as natural as can be
  2. I'm shooting a glock17. Currently have a Jp. Jpoint mounted where my rear site was. So I think because I'm having a hard time searching for the dot I should change the mounting set up. So, who has a mount that will mount to my frame and I then will put the jpoint dot on the mount.
  3. I ran mine at hard as hell and it did great. No yard sale climbing or crawling around. Left it stock didn't sand down the rentension at all. For my local lower round count I took a few off both end because I didn't need the rounds. Perfect
  4. i shoot a 18" supermatch moa with crap wolf ammo.(shooting paper during practice only.Non match ) sub moa with bvac ammo Never tryed match grade ammo when I get the above
  5. http://www.risearmament.com/
  6. rise armament trigger are the best
  7. I don't want the parts. MY M2 WORKS..lol
  8. Don't be a cheap ass and get the x rail tube. Damn man I did all the leg work or better yet buy a new M2 and sell your parts.
  9. Do you offer a Junior rate for kids? He is a uspsa member and also shoots some 3 gun when his grades are good..lol
  10. I got a used one if needed. Gun will hold division cap of 9
  11. I found this on the 3 gun nation web site. This is LAW or will southern Utah shooting club have diferant requirements? 4.0 AMMUNITION 4.1 Tracer, incendiary, armor piercing, steel jacketed or steel/tungsten core and steel shot ammunition are specifically not allowed and are prohibited. (Rule 4.1.1, 4.4) 4.1.1 A competitor found in violation of Rule 4.1 shall be assessed a $100 fee for each steel target damaged. Fines will be made payable the day of the offense. (Rule 3.9) 4.2 Pistol ammunition shall be 9mm or larger. See section "7.0 FIREARM DIVISIONAL REQUIREMENTS" for specifics. 4.3 Rifle ammunition shall be .223 Remington (5.56 x 45 mm NATO) or larger. Pistol and rifle cartridges must fire a single projectile only. (Rule 2.9) 4.4 Shotgun ammunition shall be 20 gauge or larger. Birdshot shall be #6 Lead Shot or smaller. Rifled Slugs or 00 Buckshot (8 or 9 pellet only) may also be required. Use of steel shot is forbidden and is considered a Safety Violation and will result in a match DQ. (Rule 2.10, 4.1)
  12. I'm going to shoot 3 gun nation event in utah next weekend. I guess I need to find the rule somewhere ??
  13. New to 3 gun. what is the max shot size you can shoot in 3 gun or tac ops? I shoot a M2 and was thinking of shooting #6 for steel for more knockdown energy
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