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  1. I think BritinUSA's idea of a blog would be easiest to implement - as a newsletter (perhaps a marketing tool). If I were the one making the call regarding some sort of news letter or tool to get news out to members, I would start by using the USPSA forums. We already have it in place. Its just a matter of using it. The President's forum would be a great forum for announcements. Its just a matter of directing members there - provided we are only looking for a newsletter type tool. If it is marketing, I am not convinced that the newsletter is the way to go. I would be interested to see if there is a way to measure reach to non-USPSA members? On another note, I also think we need to simplify the website to make it easier for non-members to navigate and learn about USPSA.
  2. I am pretty sure that I did not have this option until I upgraded to a Life Membership. When my son gets home tonight I will verify by checking his profile.
  3. If a conflict of interest is identified or presented per the Bylaws, should the BoD's review and determinations of that COI be public? I believe strongly that they should.
  4. Christopher Taylor, in some of your posts in the locked thread, you made some definitive statements about how nothing is being done inappropriately by the BoD, etc. In one comment of yours, you state: "The three issues you mention here either already were in the process of being fixed when you made your posts or were being discussed. That is why I say that your comments were both unproductive and unnecessarily damaging to the organizations image. " I am curious how you can come to that conclusion? Are you basing your conclusion on the information available in the BoD minutes? Are you privy to information that others here are not? You are missing the point of the topic. Since you have not been around long enough to know about bad decisions the BoD has made in the past, perhaps you do not understand the concern of member who have. We do not want to see any new wasteful actions by the BoD. We want to know what goes into a new revolver rule. How did it come about? That is the concern. Legitimate concerns by the people who pay the bulk of the operating funds of USPSA. With the ability to reach the members via the internet, email, etc., there is no reason to make decisions that "appear" to an intent to keep members in the dark. In our current political climate, most of us are sick of this type of day to day business in our corporate and government world. We surely do not want our game and fun to be operated similarly. I made no accusations in my previous posts. I noted that actions the give the "appearance" of impropriety must be avoided by the BoD.
  5. How would we know whether or not my AD has or has not pushed for these changes or asked for the HHF to be publicized?
  6. I say it should be a blend of both, with emphasis on the business background. We need people who have an understanding of the sport side of the organization and can adapt those aspects to help run the business side as efficiently and with the membership's interest in mind. Business is not a popularity contest, but a hardcore lawyer may not mingle well at the SHOT Show. I know someone who meets these qualifications...
  7. As a Section Coordinator (for 11 years), I was frequently asked: Why did USPSA do this or that; why are the members the last to know? Why are so many decisions made in executive sessions? As the local "grass-roots level" representative of USPSA, I could not provide an answer. I too echo the concerns that were expressed..... I have been a member since the "building purchase" episode, etc. We are a non-profit with membership. In my opinion, the membership is entitled to know what is going on in the organization - except in certain situation as mentioned in previous responses. I work with non-profits for a living - providing millions in funding and subsequently am responsible for auditing their operations. I have served on the boards of non-profits. A lot of what I see with USPSA troubles me. There may not be actual dishonest practices or conflicts of interest with the BoD, but it is the appearance of such that is poison to the organization. Lack of transparency fuels the suspicion. I truly hope that the BoD sees the frustration of many and moves to address the appearance that they are not being accountable to the membership. There are enough enemies to our sport that we do not need to implode.
  8. ktm300 - It was the last stage for me and I was really trying to push hard by getting to the last postion where the swinger was. I was running so hard that I could not stop. I had both feet out for two shots and then only one for 4 shots. The fault gave me a clear advantage (it was the last position on stage 5 and I was shooting the far right targets. The procedurals for each shot was appropriate. The lady pointed out the number of procedurals on the handheld before i signed it, so they were there. Is it possible that I messed something up when I signed it?
  9. As usual, the Florida Open continues to live up to its reputation as being the toughest and most challenging match around. Smitty and the crew of the Universal Shooting Academy did a great job puting this one together. I thought the scoring system used was pretty cool. Jay Corn walked me through it and explained its features. I think it will be a great benefit when the World Shoot comes around, making it easier for spectators to locate specific shooters and follow the competition. I did notice a glitch with the system that pertains to my scores. On stage 5, I blew over a fault line and fired 6 shots outside of the shooting area. I was dinged with the appropriate procedurals and I watch the lady enter them in the system. They were recorded when I signed on the handheld unit. The finals, however, only indicate 1 procedural. Not that it made a difference in my finish (I had gun issues, etc), but it could have. But let's say that it could have..... How could that be verfied after the fact? I believe the Va/Md and Ga Sectionals used Practiscore last year. The scores were entered but there was also a paper "receipt" given which could be used to verify/correct errors. I am just trying to learn as much as possible about the available electronic scoring systems. Thanks.
  10. Heads-up - Due to the forecast of rain and severe weather, the monthly USPSA match tomorrow at Mid-Carolina Rifle Club, Columbia SC has been canceled. Please pass the word. Thanks.
  11. Jack, a lot of the photos were posted on the USPSA facebook page.. I looked and didn't see any from our squad. Jim Thanks, Jim. See you next week.
  12. Anyone know if the photographers who were there are posting pics online? If so, can you share a link? Thanks.
  13. Well, it started doing it again. So, my mechanic started checking things again and found dye in the system (which meant the previous owner had experienced problems before and could not dignose it). It will not run and then after about an hour of driving, it will run. So, my mechanic told me to take it to the dealer and pay them diagnose it. He said we could identify the problem then he could repair it for less than the dealer. The tech at the dealer initial thought was a bad relay (he said that is the most common issue). Naturally, when I took it to the dealer, it worked fine all afternoon. So, I left it and it started acting up this morning. Now the bad news. Dealer Tech said it is the compressor. Tech said the compressor is having problems keeping up with the timing of the engine??? Not sure what all that means, but he said it would cost $2500 for the dealership to replace it. After giving me the quote, the tech then whispered to me that he would not pay $2500 to have it done by the dealership. He told me that if I have a good mechanic that I trust, to pay him to install a remanufactured compressor in the truck for 1/2 the cost. He said the only benefit to paying the dealer to replace the compressor is that it will come with a lifetime guarantee for the part and labor. Happy Independence Day!!
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