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  1. That's the one I got, thanks @Tok36 The trigger reset was pretty weak and not very pronounced, so I replaced the trigger return spring with a Patriot Defense reduced power one, which increased the 2 lbs SA only by 2 oz.
  2. Thanks @eerw Here's a better picture of the trigger bar screw
  3. @Tok36 Thank you. I'd love to read that recent thread on CZ forums about 6" barrels. I searched but didn't find it, it would be great if you could provide a link.
  4. Just got this off Gunbroker, 1994 Pre B transitional with a 6" polygonal barrel custom fitted in Germany, supposedly long before CZ offered 6" barrels. The seller only realized it was done by Peters Stahl when preparing for shipping. DA is 8 lbs and SA is barely 2 lbs, very crisp with a short reset. It's very dirty so I detail stripped it today to get it ready for the range next week. It's impressive how good the trigger is considering the hammer spring is very heavy, probably the factory original, and there's not much polishing at all, no mirror finish to be found inside anywhere, not even the pins. Besides the obvious barrel fitting and the target sights, a number of customizations I assume done by Peters Stahl: The hammer was grounded thinner to lighten it. The firing pin shoulder seems cut to lengthen the stroke. The trigger bar is drilled and tapped towards the rear on one side with a set screw installed. The sear cage is drilled and tapped on both sides and screwed to both sides of the frame. See the small flat head screw next to the safety. Anyone here familiar with #3 and #4?
  5. Ok the 13 lbs hammer spring is no good, only ignite 5-6 out of 10. So back to the factory spring
  6. Ok it's not that since the back of the FPB is way past the hammer. Anyways, it doesn't stuck back any more, but still somewhat sticky to the back, feels like it's cycling slower
  7. Interesting, thanks @MikeBurgess. I'll check for that
  8. Hi @Mercs, is the slide on your Defiant Stock 1 stroked?
  9. So this means IFG Defiant Limited Master also has a stroked slide, maybe also the Defiant Stock I? https://patriotdefense.com/tanfoglio-defiant-stock-i-small-frame-ifg/
  10. @WarBoom, let me know how 14 lbs is working out for you. I just switched to 13 lbs on my small frame and have not shot it yet
  11. Thanks everyone. Fixed it, by shooting it
  12. Thanks, Atlas. When it's stuck back, it's all the way past the ejector, see photo in the first post.
  13. Thanks Dan. I had no idea Stock Master's slide comes stroked, see comparison with my older small frame Mossad with a 4.75" barrel. So now the question is how do I stop the slide from sticking to the rear? Would a Henning shock buffer fix it, or should I try something else first? BTW, Zombywoof, the slide stop is properly installed.
  14. Help please. I had only ~300 rounds through my new Defiant Stock Master 9mm small frame when the Viper red dot died. After receiving the replacement from Vortex and reassembly yesterday, I noticed that I can pull the slide really far back and the slide would be stuck back without the slide stop engaged. I don't remember this happening at the range or in past dry firing practices. The slide will move forward when I lightly tap the back of the slide. The recoil rod and spring are stock. I can reproduce this problem with or without the barrel, recoil rod, and spring installed. The slide can move so far back, I can see the sear through the ejection port. None of my other Tanfoglio slides can move this far back, large or small frames, 4.5" or 4.75" barrels. Please let me know if you have some ideas on what's causing this and how to fix it. I did search the forum last night and came up empty. Thank you!
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