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  1. I was going to buy the witness elite match, then I saw the defiant, looks like the same gun only the master looks better. Is yours 10mm?
  2. Want it for target shooting mostly, but hunting in the future hopefully. Where is this grizzly country you go to?
  3. Sory guys, but There is no Dan Wesson TRP RMR, thats a Sprigfield There is though a Dan Wesson Bruin I am considering :
  4. Looking to buy a 10mm I am between a Tanfoglio Witness Limited and a Dan Wesson TRP RMR 6" ( Correction : Springfiled TRP RMR, Not DW) What do you guys think?
  5. Stock master is a different gun, that one is DA/SA We are talking about Limited master and Witness Limited here
  6. Yes, both have cone barrels. Frame on Master is based on Stock III
  7. Witness Elite limited and Defiant Limited Master 10mm They are both SAO, 4.75" From what I have found out the master has coned barrel. It is probably lighter because of cut outs. The master is more expensive. Anyone knows more?
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