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  1. For EU you need a hard case with locks for rifle. Doesn't matter that it's assembled. Some countries may ask you to separate bolt but it's rare so just leave it in till asked. Most will require visual inspection to check serial number to registration/firearms passport. Ammo goes in a separate locked container that has to weigh less than 5kgs. Most airlines require you let them know at the time of making reservations for plane tickets. If you don't, they can reject you if they want. Give yourself at least 1 extra hour than you normally do for check in. Some times the Police/security is not avai
  2. I use a Saber Defense when I'm in Europe. They are no longer available. Had an Oberland, but it was not as accurate as the Saber. OA also had metric screws which made it a nightmare for compatibility. "Ex Umbris Venimus"
  3. I have a combination of the following: SF 60 round Standard 30 round Pmag Standard 20 round Pmag Double 20 round Pmag 20-30 Pmag combo Most used is the 60 round. Next the 30 round on stages with less than 26 hits. Some 20 round on stage with less than 16 hits. I use the 20/30 round combo on stages where there is a combination of short and prone long range shots. If there are prone short range shots, I just shoot with rifle canted. I have never used the 20/20 in a match yet but have it in case I have a need one day. If I have steel in a stage, I always count 2 hits per steel when doing my
  4. I run the same as him, and have exactly the same experience and opinion. Just a heads up; if you get one of the colored/Cerakoted ones,,make sure you test fit it. On two of my ARs, I had to sand off the coating where it contacts the receiver, or it would be very stiff. "Ex Umbris Venimus"
  5. I use the Tactical Link one because I have smaller hands, and it sits a little more back. On the issue of the bolt not staying open: I have an M&P15-22 that I've set up as an exact replica of my M4 for training. On the M&P15-22, this problem is extremely common. The solution is cutting the bolt release spring shorter. It solves the issue on the 15-22s. I'm wondering if this would also be the case with regular ARs. Anyone tried this as a fix on an AR? "Ex Umbris Venimus"
  6. M&P 15-22 on the left. Saber Defense M4 on the right. You need to go to Tacticool 22 web page and get the necessary tools and barrel nut adaptor. I would do some reading on it on the M&P forums first since not all hand guards are a direct swap. I had to machine my barrel nut adapter for the Troy hand guard to line up properly "Ex Umbris Venimus"
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