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  1. are you saying they will fit 10 round glock PMAG? but not glock factory 10 round
  2. DO Taran +5 mag extensions work on 10 round magazines
  3. do TTI mag extensions work on 10 round mags?
  4. thanks for all the replies i run a glock, so i will try to borrow,or shoot what i have same with my AR i signed up for Ontelaunee 3-Gun match
  5. looking to attending 3 gun match in PA, coming from NY how do you compete with restricted capacity mags?
  6. does anyone know if a tartan charging handle work on SBE2? also what about a large bolt release would work? looking at red neck tactical
  7. do the open the loading port on the SBE?
  8. i have a SBE 2 that i would like to use for 3 gun ,will this work or do i need an M2 what is the real difference ?
  9. thanks for all the advise during flood is it the primer that gets wet or the powder? can i still use powder?
  10. looking to get into reloading I have 2000 rounds of factory 45ACP that was flooded( dont know what is wet,powder or primer) i tried shooting a few rounds but 75% does not shoot i am trying to save brass and bullets how can i remove the primers safely
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