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  1. I'm working on a Rem 700 SPS tactical 308 in a Magpul Hunter stock. Looking at scope bases, primary purpose of the rifle will be for mid range shooting, 500ish yards, just going to be a fun set up & I plan to hunt with it as well. Right now I am going to run a Viper PST 6-24x50 for a scope. Does anyone have a preference on the scope rail? I have a set of Seekins med height rings that I will be using. Just looking for opinions on the scope rail & whether or not the added MOA will be needed for my set up.
  2. Anyone have any experience with this specific model? Looking at one for sale in a local GS. There are newer models that based on the description on Vortex's website says they have been upgraded. Is there anything that you prefer on the newer models over the one I have in the title?
  3. I'm using Lapua 308 stamped brass. I'm also running a 20" threaded barrel on mine & hoping to also see those kind of velocities as well safeactionjackson.
  4. Looking for some good starting loads for a bolt rifle set up in 308. This will be for mid to long range precision. Here is my set up. Rifle is Rem 700 SPS tactical in 308 with 20" barrel & 1-10 twist. Lapua brass, 175grn hpbt projectiles, Varget powder I've seen several people say that 44 grains of Varget is a go to load for that bullet but both of my manuals say that is over max load. I'm open to other powders but I have Varget right now & I know it is very popular for 308. Just looking to see what everyone's recipe is for 175 grain loads. Thanks!
  5. In the market for an electronic power dispensers/scale combo. Looking at the Hornady Lock n Load auto charge, RCBS Chargemaster & the Lyman units. I read several reviews on the Hornady, good & bad. Read several good reviews on the RCBS, & read several ok reviews on the Lyman units. Thinking about taking a chance on the Hornady since it is half the price of the RCBS. Anyone have any reviews of these set ups or any other brands to look at? Will be used for rifle cartridge reloading only, probably 100ish rounds once or twice a month at the most.
  6. I ended up getting the Burris Xtreme Tactical rings after looking at several options. I'll post my thoughts on them once I get them installed.
  7. I know you didn't post this option but I have a Burris XTRII 5-25x50 & love it. Very precise clicks, built like a tank, I like the glass better than the viper pst & it has a 34mm tube for about the same $.
  8. I love Rem 700's but Savage makes some really nice rifles that would come in under budget & you would still have $ left for upgraded rings or more money for a scope budget.
  9. I have everything to put my rifle together & I already have the scope. Rifle is a Rem700 SPS tactical AAC in 308 with 20" barrel. I have a Larue 20moa base. The scope I have is a Burris XTRII 5-25x50 with 34mm tube. I'm currently looking at Leupold Mark 4, Seekins Precision, & Burris Xtreme Tactical rings. Does anyone have any reviews / preference on any of these rings? Not looking to spend more than $150 on a set so that's why I only listed these. I'm open for different options if they fit close to my price range.
  10. Looking for a good online supplier for Cerakote coatings that has good prices. Just starting out, I've been in the collision repair field for several years & I'd like to try out some cerakote on an AR build. I know that Midway USA & Brownell's has it but its the same price as it is on the Cerakote website. Anyone have a place they would recommend that has better prices?
  11. I'm holding out for a FDE or ODG stock. I have seen a few of the FDE on ebay but haven't seen any of the ODG ones yet. I wondered about the grip angle being a little different than what I am used. For the price I'm willing to give it a try.
  12. Not much stuff available for the Ruger vs having hundreds of options available for parts for the Rem 700 was the deciding factor for me. Also I haven't heard if the trigger in the Ruger is able to be replaced with an AR trigger or if it is its own make. I don't like the "accu-trigger" style triggers so that is an issue for me with the Ruger, not that that style of trigger isn't good, just personal preference.
  13. Just starting to get serious with a rifle build. I was on the fence of getting a Ruger precision rifle or a Rem 700 but have decided to get a Rem 700 sps tactical aac in 308 with threaded barrel & use one of the Magpul 700 hunter stocks with it. Rifle will primarily be used for mid range tactical / hunting rifle. Has anyone used one of these stocks & if so what are your thoughts? I googled several reviews but most of the reviews were just of people's initial thoughts after taking the stock out of the box & attaching the rifle to the stock, not many reviews after actual use of it at the range or hunting.
  14. OK. New to the Hornady set up, always had RCBS stuff, just wanted some opinions before I placed an order. Thanks!
  15. Just curious if you have ran any Varget or H1000 or similar powder thru the rifle version and if so how accurate was the charge? I use a lot of those 2 powders for several different calibers.
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