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Found 5 results

  1. I have a rpr in 308 and have a leouphold vx3i lrp 8.5x25x50mm and I’m looking for scope rings or mount. New to the long range shooting but would like to reach out to 700 yards
  2. Hi there, everyone. Long time lurker... first time posting (out of frustration). My name is Dave and I am from the PNW. I love this forum and get so many great tips tricks and learn so much hear. To start off, the problems I have having. Consistency. I am preping once fired LC. 90% passes the case gauge, say 2% is slightly over sized (as in smaller than spec) and about 8% is under sized, (won't set flush in the gauge). It's not the rim, because turning them over the base slides into the gauge. Is this "normal", I hate having to gauge all my brass. What I am running. 650 with a MarkVII. Die one is a Lee universal deprime with a Fast and Friendly decap rod. Station 2 is a swage it. Station 3 is a RT1500 with a Dillon trim die, 4 is empty, 5 is a Lee sizing die with the depriming tip ground off so it won't crash into my press (this is to re set the neck, one last shot and getting the shoulder right, and getting rid of any burrs from trimming). Just getting frustrated..... I should be able to process this stuff with the set up.... but what am I doing wrong. How do you guys process 223, 308 on one pass? Or does it have to be ran twice to get it right, and if so, what set up? The other issue is the Mk7/650, I can't do a calibrate cycle with the swage it.... I have to take it off, install the primer punch and block. Calibrate, then take the priming parts back off and re install the swage it.... It doesn't seem like I used to have to do this... seems like I used to be able to calibrate with the swage it installed. Wondering if something has changed with my press, but I can't see anything, just that.... and it seems odd. Anyone else have this issue? Or is that just how it is, and I am not remembering right from my last time processing brass (a year or so ago....). And yep seemed to have the same problem with consistency then as well.... Thanks guys, Hope you have a wonderful day. Dave
  3. I am looking into purchasing the Seekins SP10 308 18" rifle for competition use. Looking to use it just a few times a year. Shot range will be from bay type shooting out to 800 yards. I currently reload all my own ammunition for other calibers but not set up for the 308 yet. I am looking to purchase about a 1000 rounds for break in, practice and competition. I do not know the twist rate of the match grade barrel at this time as they don't advertise it. So i need a few things from this group before I pick it up. 1. Ammo recommendations for brand and bullet weight for general accuracy, economy and able to hold 1-2 MOA groups. Longest shot known now is 650 yards. Note: I am not sponsored and I am not rich! 2. Knowledge and/or experience with the mentioned rifle 3. Best way to break in the barrel if needed or just heat it up the old fashion way? I appreciate the responses as this is on a short time window of opportunity.
  4. Looking for some good starting loads for a bolt rifle set up in 308. This will be for mid to long range precision. Here is my set up. Rifle is Rem 700 SPS tactical in 308 with 20" barrel & 1-10 twist. Lapua brass, 175grn hpbt projectiles, Varget powder I've seen several people say that 44 grains of Varget is a go to load for that bullet but both of my manuals say that is over max load. I'm open to other powders but I have Varget right now & I know it is very popular for 308. Just looking to see what everyone's recipe is for 175 grain loads. Thanks!
  5. I have 3 1050s with one in 45acp, 9mm and 308. I've been loading everything else on a couple of 550's. I shoot a lot of volume in handguns and lately have become addicted to 38S. I'm thinking about going to the trouble to change my 308 s1050 to load 38Super and load my 308 on a 550. My thought is, I shoot 308 for accuracy and not volume and with the amount of Super I'm shooting, it would be better served loaded on a 1050. The biggest lost is the crimp swage on the 1050 but Dillons hand crimp is fast enough to remove crimps for 308 cases in the volume I shoot..3,000 plus or minus a year. Am I missing anything or does this make sense? The 550 should load accurate 308 ammo...any thoughts or suggestions before I commit myself?
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