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  1. A recent topic shut down by Admin ?? ... PLEASE PLEASE tell me that your not against hunting if so feel free to delete my account .... BTW I shoot every hog I see on site ... if you've ever had to drive a tractor through a field they've been in you would too !
  2. I just got a new 18" Nordic & am wondering is there any need to polish the feed ramps?
  3. ok thanks guys... will save the $$$ and buy extra powder ...or something ...
  4. yeh but I was under the impression that if a round didnt get ENOUGH lube the carbide would help ??? Am I incorrect in this thinking ??
  5. so they dont help w not getting stuck on that occasional case that may not be lubed quite as well ??
  6. Hey all Im looking to sell my 550B & upgrade to a 650.. was thinking about this and I wonder since I will need to case lube anyway (on 223) are the carbides dies justified in the extra $100+ ?? I hate when things "dont run smoothly" so I am thinking of just getting them.... any thoughts ?? Also if it matters I have zero rifle ammo reloading experience. Ive been running a 550B for pistol only for about 18months Thanks !
  7. Ive often wondered this ^^^ I mean WAYYYY more time can be lost w missing 1 long range target ?? Considering myself "the newguy" still, I dont take myself too seriously but, I dont even think about speed .. I prefer to think about "process" , running my stage plan & being consistent. LOVE this idea, thanks for sharing
  8. I had good results w Wolf gold 55's & 75's seems to be consistent and accurate enough for 3Gun...
  9. Let him shoot 100 yd slugs at a BC target then tell us "its not about ability" .....
  10. THIS ^^^^^^ ..... Dont be afraid of the shotgun .... that comment of "its not about ability" is nonsense... all shotguns in a classification hold the exact same amount & a great tricked out scattergun can be had for 5-600 BRAND NEW .... Several of us live very near you so feel free to reach out & get to know us !
  11. Kevin's customer service at Invictus is worth it alone...Im sure CA is great also but like Austin said, IP's really are a superior value. I would just get a few more than what you were planning, each CoF is different and thus you will need different tools. I have IP's (2)12Q (3) 2.8's (1)2.6 & a standard safari land old school 4 caddy, so I can go to the line w 51 (including my match saver) plus 9 in the gun ....they come in handy when your on a 40 round shotgun jungle run.... trust me
  12. Ive gotten the best accuracy using my stock IC.... I also have a M & IM but I try to stick w IC when I can
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