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  1. Ive gotten the best accuracy using my stock IC.... I also have a M & IM but I try to stick w IC when I can
  2. Bryan Ray also shoots the 1301 .... if Beretta paid the pros they'd be using it too ... results at a local match dont show a new user what his best options are.... Ive shot all 3 and hands down will take the M2 or my 1301 ... on slug accuracy alone !
  3. Casey I was off also ... I used 33 slugs for the 29 slug targets .... pissed me off Uhhh now you are just bragging... pure luck....
  4. Casey I was off also ... I used 33 slugs for the 29 slug targets .... pissed me off
  5. My guess would be the 65 represents 65mm drop at comb This might help, Patrick explains it all very clearly http://www.multigunmedia.com/shotgun-fit.pdf HTH Keith Thanks !
  6. can someone explain the 65 shim to me please ?
  7. I wipe everything down and then put a nice light coat of oil on most parts. There was a good video on lubing the a400 from Beretta that I used. There's a couple places they say not to lube. do you happen to have a link to the video ? thanks !
  8. How & what is everyone lubing on your 1301's ?? I ask because Ive had absolutely zero issues w mine for the first 1500 rounds.... I normally just cleaned everything w a cloth. This last time I lubed everything inside with the exception of the gas port.... I had 3 FTFeed's in 6 stages.... it seemed to be every other stage I ran. Used the same ammo Ive always used. Did I lube too much ?? Any ideas or tips ?? Thanks !
  9. ^^^^ this set up exactly..... yeh Im new to Tangs , but I REALLY like the feel of this gun ..... I WANT to make it my dedicated 3gun pistol, but need better reliability first. Base pads, new sights (F.O.) & a mag well would be nice .... but reliability is more important to me ...
  10. Are u using newer mags with black followers? yes the black mags & black followers, gun prob has 300-400 rounds through it . I have a 38S barrel & a 9mm set up. Currently have a 6.0 & 8.5 spring. Maybe my G34 load is too short for the Tang ?? My G34 load PF is 130-132 just a FYI
  11. well my ammo has never NOT fed in either of my Glocks.... over 10k rounds of this specific load....I had 14 FTfeeds in 50 rounds in my Tang..... so please define "correctly"....maybe the Tang likes different COAL's ??? Im running 3.2 of TG @ 1.135, FC brass & CCI primers some load data for 147g with Titegroup would be super cool... I have 6.5 & 8# recoil springs as of now....
  12. I have a G34 thats been done over by Johhny Glocks that I use & love but curiosity has gotten the better of me .... I also have a sp01.... wasnt sure which one I wanted to soup up .... I'd be using it strictly for 3 gun, so I figured the SA Tang would be better .... I guess in reality all I need done is 1) new sights 2) better trigger 3) reliable feeding 4) Magwell 5) mag extensions is that all "doable" for the everyday Joe ? edit for #4 & #5
  13. You guys seem to know a ton here so does anyone know of a smith I can send my Witness Match Elite to for some work ? Preferably East Coast but think I may be limited w that. Thanks Erich
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