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  1. Im glad to see that hornady has finally came out with their rifle bullet feeder. But it sucks that it is not compatible whatsoever with their pistol bullet feeder. And what really sucks is they want an outrageous amount of money for it.. You would think that since they have more than likely sold a bunch of their pistol bullet feeders because it was a lot cheaper than others on the market they would have made something that was compatible with that bullet feeder to accommodate rifle rounds and still be cheap...
  2. I got the 45acp feeder die and no issues here.
  3. I don't think you'll find a used one from in-line fabrication, due to people that buy them absolutely love them and don't want to get rid of them
  4. Franco79

    Beretta 92 rail

    The rail looks interesting, but I need one to mount underneath barrel, I guess it's called the dustcover.. The rail is for a light.
  5. Try inline fabrication They make a nice off set handle. I have one and love it
  6. Franco79

    Beretta 92 rail

    I have 2 beretta 92 pistols. I want to add a rail to one of me and came across this (http://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/flashlights-accessories/flashlight-mounts/beretta-92-96-1911-auto-light-rail-mount-prod22337.aspx) Anyone use is before? I see they sell other that are held on by tape or screw to the trigger guard but the brownells one caught my eye because it's small, and looks "factory"
  7. You probably have a good point about the taxes since he is overseas. But there is no way I would spend over $500 for that set up. Maybe if he actually did this as a full-time job and he had a corporation and he had distributors here in the United States that would warranty his items then I might reconsider but there's no way I could spend that much money knowing this guy is 10,000 miles around the other side of the world. You can put anything on your website about a warranty but unless it's here in the United States I tend to stay away from things like that. Just my $.03
  8. I just saw the video also... Looks like half the cases and bullets didnt drop when they were supposed too.. Also, towards the end he compares a Dillon Case feeder and a Hornady Bullet Feeder saying they cost total $650?? Seriously, I paid $220 for the case feeder, and $225 for the bullet feeder. Still cheaper than the $550 hes asking.
  9. Maybe if the webpage was in English.......... It looks cool though
  10. Brutal why? Just giving the guy options for his scale that are a lot cheaper than what he paid for it. Like I told him as long as he is happy with the purchase that's all that matters
  11. I have a few guns that are 45 caliber and usually when I go shoot with some friends I give them some of my reloads to shoot in their 45 caliber. From what I have read it seems that the most compatible seating depth is 1.250. As far as maintaining that exact velocity it's not something that I'm trying to do it just works well and it doesn't kick your ass much as a full charge round
  12. I believe you have to have a minimum of 50 relevant posts to sell stuff here. May wanna read up on that before you jack slapped By a mod LOL
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