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  1. Thank you all. I know at one time Brian passed his business on to another party but I believe that did not continue. Was looking for a business that supported this site and Dillon themselves probably best fits that desire. I will check the suggested places. Now I will need to find storage for another tool head and stand....on the bright side at least my new caliber is not rifle - Id need two spaces.
  2. Yes I order from Dillon. Just sad no one has the great free shipping like Brian did.
  3. With Mr Enos retired and hopefully enjoying life and great health where do peeps buy their Dillon products these days? I think I need to tool up for 9mm and its been awhile since Ive bought gifts for my s1050.
  4. Check the shoulder bolt that the cam roller rides on. It doesnt take much of a stuck case to cause that bolt to bend and perhaps bind up the shuttle if the roller is catching in its slot. Just unscrew it and check it isnt bent where the threads end and the roller bearing portion starts.
  5. You know an RF-100 will never tip over...... Just being a dumb ass, Great idea, elegant solution.
  6. Hey shouldn't you be on a beach somewhere with a cool tropical drink in your hand being fanned by a big banana leaf wielded by some grass skirted island chicks?
  7. I like the Sinclair stainless steel rings with a locking set screw. Work great on my S1050.
  8. I ordered the top from an online butcher block top supplier. The bench was made by a cabinetmaker in Vermont.
  9. I bought an appropriately sized piece of aluminum on line than drilled it for my S1050
  10. Just the plastic backing rod that sits on the primers to keep them falling into the shuttle. Probably 15 to 20 primers lit off. It was caused by a piece of .223 brass that didnt get completely swaged and I tried to force the primer into the pocket. If at any time the handle is harder to pull than the previous 100 or so pulls, stop and remedy the problem.
  11. If I worried about break even points I'd have other hobbies. Guns and motorcycles are not for saving money.
  12. I only trickle for 30-06 and .308 with 4064. Ive thought of getting an RCBS or using a chargemaster and dumping. Im just not looking to buy more stuff and my experience with electronic scales on my bench was not an experience that built confidence. 8208 though a stick runs fine through the Dillon. I get more than my moneys worth out of the machine when I do rifle case prep.
  13. Jeepdawg, I see your 4 post count. Welcome aboard. Dont worry there is great info on this board and some of the commenters here are serious gurus with great knowledge of these machines. To some extent they have a point but they are not looking at the big picture. I go for months at a time not reloading. When I do load I pump out a a years worth or more of whatever the caliber may be. A couple years ago in the darkest days of the ammo/component shortage I was thinking "What ammo/component shortage?" as I popped the top on another GI ammo can filled with glistening brass and copper. Ive made twenty thousand rounds, doesnt mean Ive shot twenty thousand rounds. Reloading is something I do when I want to do it, and I usually get the desire before I need to do it, so its therapy not work. I hope I do see you at the range sir.
  14. Too funny... I wouldnt trade my machine for a bench full of SDBs and making the claim an SDB is the machine I should have got is just ridiculous. I can prep military swaged brass 3000 cases in very short order. Nothing else will do that unless you want a case of Giraud carpal tunnel. Just for comparison how does 30-06 load through an SDB and how is the swager on a Forster? Trying to compare production loading pistol with production loading rifle and IMR 4064 stick powder is not a viable comparison. If I wanted to load blammo Id get ball powder and dispense with trickling to load but I like the peace of mind and escape from the kids of getting down to the basement for an hour at a time and creating a nice batch of ammo that if it doesnt shoot I know its me not the ammo. I suppose I could get a Dillon swager and do each mil case individually than throw it on a single stage and deprime/size, than trim but somehow that sounds kind of sucky compared to listening to the case feeder spin and watching sized, swaged and trimmed brass rain into the Akro bin. Step back boys and think about the process than enjoy the dream and realize no matter how you size it your SDB just doesnt compare. No matter how you parse it mine is bigger than yours. and just because it seems important to use an emoticon to make the point PS - this seems kind of catty but its really not. God I love my machine and the service Ive been given by the host. Kind of interesting that Ive never heard anyone try to tell somebody an S1050 is the wrong machine. Should be a bolt action... Doesnt need a magazine... Should have a smaller scope... The barrel is too thick... Pearl grips are for pimps! Only holds 5 rounds... To all of that I say........ 'Merica!
  15. I dont think production is near what the advertising shows - sorry Dillon. When I load I start from clean machine and end with a clean machine. There is set up time loading powder/primers, setting up scale, filling case feeder, yada yada than breaking it all down. I load stick powders for .308/30-06 rifle so each case gets pulled after the powder drop weighed and trickled to weight. A comfortable hours worth of rifle reloading gets me 50 rounds or 2.5 shooting sessions. Pistol with Win 231 ball powder Ill do a 150 or so rounds in a comfortable hours session from set up to clean up. .223 with 8208XBR Ill trust the powder check and I can get production similar to pistol. Two hours is about all the time I want to spend at the machine before my attention wanders and boredom sets in. With rifle the ass ache is case prep. When I change calibers its like retooling the assembly line in Detroit (do they still build cars there) for the new model year. Could I load my production on a Forster? Perhaps, but my out put would be "just in time" rather than creating a years worth of each caliber during each production run.
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