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  1. profec291


    I'm glad I asked, I sill have the old address! Thanks Titan!
  2. profec291


    I tried calling yesterday, but the line just kept ringing. I'll try again tomorrow on the way up.
  3. Does anyone know if Johnny allows visits to his shop in Reno? I'll be there tomorrow, wondering if I can swing by his shop. Will be ordering a pistol from him in the future. THanks!
  4. profec291

    Mr. Lim Does It Again

    Wow! Beautiful! Details?
  5. profec291

    Why So Few Sig P220's?

    In regards to having a magwell for a 220, Bruce Gray made one recently. Here's the link with pics and a description. It's not mine, but Bruce has 'tweaked' my 226 for Production.
  6. I signed up for Vonage and sent the Phone Adapter to my parents (on extended vacation) in the Philippines. Works great, I dial a 510 area code and I talk to them in the Philippines. Unlimited incoming calls to them! All they had to do was sign up for DSL. I'm really saving alot of money on International long distance.
  7. Has anyone tried polvoron from 'House of Polvoron' in Manila? My parents are on vacation in the Philippines and apparently, there's is way better than Goldilock's polvoron. Athena, do you have a costco warehouse club nearby? I've seen Goldilock's products there before.
  8. profec291

    Team Glock Ad In Front Sight

    Where's my copy of Front Site????????????
  9. profec291

    You Can Always Tell......

    After a 10 month dry spell for me (my wife had a baby in April), I was going to come out and shoot this one since it was the last match of the year. I woke up, looked out the window and said 'I'm sure the match is cancelled'. Now I see this post, I'm kicking myself for not toughing it out! Vince, I'm not sure if you remember me, I shot with you back in Feb. in Richmond, it was in almost similar conditions (lots of puddles, rain the previous day). I was shooting production, I believe you were shooting open and we had Paul in our squad. Hopefully I can make the 2nd match in Jan. next year and the classifier the week after. See you around! Wes
  10. profec291

    Limcat Does It Again

    Wow! That's a different kinda look. I sure would like to see more pics. thanks!
  11. profec291

    Sig 226 Solid Guide Rod

    If I may correct you...it's actually grayguns@aol.com.
  12. profec291

    Sports Shooting U S A

    Chet, at the Palms, arcade next to the food court. Friday night would be a good night to go to the Palms!
  13. profec291

    Uspsa Stage Quilt

    Is your wife taking orders? Great looking quilt!
  14. profec291

    Sig P226 Question

    Here's a DVD you can by, it's the Sig Armorers' Video by Chris Orndorff & Chris Willardson. Sig Armorer Video I have a copy, haven't heard any negative feedback from anyone on SigForum.