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  1. Anybody know where I might find a couple more mags for my SFX? Can't really get through to the company (no phone number listed on the website) and really not sure if there is an after market producer. Thanks in advance. Dang It
  2. Do you make a holster to fit the STI DVC Classic Single Stack?



  3. Ok, So, I went ahead and installed a 3/16th steel plate under the machine which really did lessen the movement, plus I also installed a wire tether from the case feeder to a bracket on the wall behind the machine. No movement now. BUT, even after going through all the motions I am still either crushing a primer or getting "no" primer about one per hundred. Getting no primer is not a big deal except it gets powder in the indexing ball which really screws things up. Talked to a supervisor at Dillon. He immediately told me to clean my machine, which I told him I had done and he went on to tell me exactly how to clean it. Thanks, I said, I know how to clean it and that's not the problem. He then told me that everyone is putting out bad primers and said I needed to use Remmington primers. I said if I had to use ONLY Remmington primers, or a certian kind of brass, I might as well send the machine back now. He said he would send me some replacement parts - end of conversation. I am sure he was trying to help me. I am equally sure he was going down a check list of sorts in order to diagnose the problem. I plan on calling back on Monday. I hope someone can hit on something that will eliminate the problem here.
  4. I bought my Super 1050 about two months ago. The first two weeks were perfect, then I started crushing a primer now and then. Then more than that. Now up to 3-4 per hundred. Did "most" all the things mentioned here BUT last night I took the primer tube off the machine again and looked at the blue tip of the primer rod, which I had just replaced about two weeks ago (at the suggestion of this board). On the leading face where the split is I noticed that it had been hitting something and caused a very small rough spot which also had distorted the plastic down below the bottom of the rest of the tip. I mean, a couple of thousandths. I took a small file and cleaned it back to flat and then some fine grain sand paper and just slicked it up a bit. I looked at the old tip which I still have and it has the same mark. I just loaded three hundred rounds with no problems. That small piece of plastic was (I guess) snagging primers as they were being moved forward. Now, I have to find out what is hitting that tip because I am sure it will come back. I am still planning on putting a steel plate under my machine which resides on a sturdy wood bench, and I am going to tether the case feeder with some wire to keep the movement to a minimum. Will post if this really was my particular problem. Should know in about a week.
  5. Sandro,

    Do you know what package this was when it left Baer's shop? It looks like it could be three or four different models and I really can't tell just by looking.

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