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  1. I've heard it's very similar to n38 and that's what we use for 9 maj
  2. I have 3 people in my house that shoot regularly, so needless to say I buy every grain of powder I can find and am still short!
  3. 9.2 gr of 3N38 gets me 172 PF OUT OF A LIMCAT PHANTERA H-bar with 124gr MG's, Love the 3N38!
  4. I replaced my cotter pin and had no more issues, works great.
  5. I know a guy running 6 1050's with possnes waren auto drive and they all seem to run well
  6. Have a few pounds of 7625 and was curios if anybody had a starting point for 38 super.
  7. I rubber band a dryer sheet to the outside of the hopper, and where in the heck are you finding 4756!
  8. The bearing stops the shell plate in the correct position but the 1050 has guide rods on it that help line everything up also, without the bearing the snap is gone and it still lines up correctly.
  9. When running 9maj we just take the bearing out and get zero spillage actually runs pretty smooth
  10. Running low on 3N38 and have a opportunity to pick up some 105, any body know if it is suitable for 9maj?
  11. Got DQ'ed at my first major match, A1 two years ago, broke the 180 on a up range start really disappointing but what are ya gonna do, I was to worried about my daughter shooting and paying more attention to what she was doing than myself.
  12. My daughter is shooting a H-bar phantera and she loves it says it's the flattest gun she's shot.
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