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  1. I just received a Faxon barrel and it seems the chamber is too tight for my reloads. I cannot get 124gr JHP from both MG and PD to chamber at 1.125" OAL. But Winchester white box 115 and Federal 124 factory loads will plunk perfectly. My reloads will plunk in my 9mm 1911 barrel perfectly. Other than reaming the barrel are there any other options? I've already tried going to the book minimum of 1.090 but it's still a tight fit. Can I safely go shorter than that? If I do go shorter is there any risk of feeding issues? I am open to trying a different bullet profile, I'm just not sure what will work. Thanks for any help.
  2. It seems Smalley is no longer offering free samples. They offered to sell me one for $37.22. If anyone received more than one sample that would be willing to give up an extra, I will gladly pay for shipping.
  3. All shooters are up now. https://practiscore.com/results/470eacf9-adb9-474c-8687-f8703c5f3927/index
  4. Match sells out in two minutes. Match going to hell. Hopefully next year far fewer out of state shooters will attempt to register and more local shooters will be able to actually shoot a major match at our home range. This might help with the admin issues too. Feel free to drop out if you don't like how it's being run.
  5. Even though this article says the Aftec extractors are already beveled I noticed the brass seemed to get hung up a little on the bottom edge. I went ahead and added a little more bevel and polished that edge, I'm going to try running the Aftec with one spring rather than two as well. I also polished the breech face and feed ramp. Rocky Mountain bullets should be here tomorrow. I won't get a chance to test fire it until late next week (Disneyland trip!) but I'll report back once I make it out.
  6. Factory loads make it worse.
  7. Probably about 2k rounds through it.
  8. Well I thought the new mag catch had solved my problem. First stage of tonight's match I had two nose dives. Second stage none. Third stage it happened once. Fourth and final stage it locked my gun up so bad I couldn't even get the mag out. Took a few minutes to clear. Ended up with a DNF. Back to the drawing board. I ordered 1000 Rocky Mountain Reloading 180gr RN. Really hope that does it. Also going to try running some rounds loaded to 1.180 instead of 1.200 to see if that changes anything.
  9. Not that I noticed. It actually feels more solid when the mag seats.
  10. wbyrd01

    My first DQ

    Just had my first DQ the other night. Reloading on the move and somehow managed to touch the trigger. I have a 2lb trigger too, been shooting with it for several months and haven't had an issue. Weird thing is the oversize button on my mag catch was gone when I went to unload and show clear. I'm thinking that might have changed the geometry of the gun in my hand when I was doing my reload. Not sure but definitely learned a lesson on trigger finger placement.
  11. The EGW mag catch seems to have fixed the problem. My gun will now chamber a round with 10 loaded in a magazine from both slide lock and racking the slide. I just wish the mag catch was threaded for a button.
  12. Thanks for the recent replies. The problem is worse with factory ammo. I have the EGW higher mag catch delivering tomorrow. I'm really hoping that fixes it. I put a Dawson mag catch in it today and it helped with loading 9 in a mag but it still does it with 10. So I'm covered when shooting major at least. I'll post back tomorrow after I put the new mag catch in.
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