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  1. Randy Jackson is one heck of a talented shooter! He's taught me quite a lot. He also is responsible for getting me started in Steel Challenge. It's pretty difficult with cowboy guns, but that challenge makes it very interesting. MHicks, good to see you found this board. It's a wealth of information that you won't easily get otherwise!
  2. Hey Dan! I haven't checked in here for months. Come back and there's a post from you 6 weeks ago. Ack! Wanna see some of the talent in CAS? Here's a video clip of a friend of mine doing just what Dan mentioned above. Time? 2.8 seconds. Target? 18x24 steel at 10 yards. For raw speed, it's flat out amazing. http://www.jspublications.net/records/Deuc...ns280Pistol.wmv
  3. Somewhere in the vicinity of 250,000. The vast majority of it was with Cowboy guns. Only got about 6000 through my Lim 10 gun. C Lim 10
  4. I won a rifle once. That was pretty darn cool. Cash once. Some very pretty grips for my wife's new 1911. Great big thanks to all the vendors that support the shooting games.
  5. jnshapiro

    Winning A Gun

    That is very cool! Congratulations and enjoy your new gun.
  6. I shot this at today's match for the very first time ever. I'm a low C Lim 10 shooter. Today I shot with a HF of 6.7602. That's 62.5875%! My first ever "B" division run. Joel
  7. Back to the original topic. I've been feeling burnt out on SASS style cowboy matches. I don't go to many anymore. Western 3 Gun (much more IPSC like) is developing a division for single stack (or DA revolver) and any pump shotgun. I'm now shooting our local W3G match that way (helps if you are the MD). Also, I'm returning to IPSC again. I haven't shot many IPSC (ok, USPSA) matches over the last few years, and I've got this really great Lim10 gun sitting on the table next to me (I'm starting to dry fire it). I used it at our local steel match this month and really enjoyed it. So, it might help to try a different shooting game for a few months. It'll strengthen your skills and allow you some time to recharge. Aside from that, you might get to buy a new gun! Joel
  8. Shred, that's something that I find amazing when practicing with others. I'm always amazed at the speed they shoot and then the timer says I was faster. Go figure? One of these days I'll have to bring the video camera out and take a look at the tape. I mean, I can't possibly be shooting that fast, can I? It's a strange thing, the mind.
  9. jnshapiro

    My Last Trip

    Great post. I grew up about an hour's drive away, or a short 25 mile bike ride. The appreciation that you get for what so many have sacraficed can't be put in words. Thank you for the post. Joel
  10. Flying40, that's something that I feel qualified to answer, and that sure doesn't happen often on this board! I do a lot of fast shooting on large/close targets (Cowboy). I can tell you exactly what I see during a string. I see the sights, however I'm focused on the target. The sights are a rapidly moving blur. However, they stop moving the moment they are where I am looking at the target. That's the moment the shot fires. I can not tell you when I pulled the trigger, or even that I did. The gun just goes off. Then everything is a blur again until the instant that the shot fires on the next target. For that one instant, everything is clear. When shooting with a target focus like this it's easy to miss your target (whether it's the whole target or just the A zone). I find that when I miss, it's because my eyes missed the spot on the target that I want to hit and I didn't stop the shot and let it happen. Most of the time I can pull the gun back to target, but not always. You shoot where you look. If you aren't looking at the right spot on the target, you're just not going to hit it. Does that help to answer your question? I don't know if it did or not, but it was the best I can do. Joel
  11. Forgot to post a followup. A member here offered us a good deal on a Springfield 1911 in 9mm. We took him up on it. Can't wait to get it! Thanks for the help. Joel
  12. Get bit and it hurts. They've got a pretty good set of fangs. However there's no lasting damage. The venom just doesn't hit us like that from a recluse or black widow. Wolf spider bites hurt too.
  13. I like that my wife sold her .45 and bought a 1911 in 9mm. I like that the guy I bought it from was patient with me and great to deal with. I like that he's a BE'er (thanks Seth!). I like that my wife will be shooting with me again with a caliber that she'll be able to manage. I like that I won't have to chase her brass (9mm is cheap!). I really like this thread!
  14. Smitty, that's exactly what I'm doing now. After a disasterous performance at Steel Challenge, I decided to take a break from SA Revolvers. I'm now working with my Lim 10 gun and plan to shoot it a bunch over the next few months. Been loading up 45ACP and have run out of bullets. Need more! Anyway, I'm back to basics. Trigger squeeze, follow through, sight picture (not in that order), and calling shots. I know I can do it. I just haven't been. I am now. Joel
  15. I really like that I'm going to take my son (4 years old) fishing for the first time tomorrow!
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