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Found 3 results

  1. I have an AR-15 running the following setup: 12.5" Midlength gas Triarc TRACK barrel Silencerco Omega (dedicated suppressed) RCA low mass BCG SLR Sentry 7 adjustable gas block A5 buffer tube A5 buffer (reduced weight using KAK aluminum weights) Tubbs flatwire spring Function is consistent and 100% reliable with any one single type of ammunition, BUT I am having issues with ammo sensitivity when changing from different loads. In previous builds using similar components (but 16" mid and non-suppressed) I have had a wide band of reliabilty. Once gas is properly set the rifle runs to BHO with everything from weak steel cased 223 to full house 77gr 5.56 ammo. When gas is tuned for the 12.5" rifle listed above I get flawless performance (4 o'clock ejection and BHO) from roughly 50% of the different ammo types I shoot. The other 50% ejects at 2:00 to 2:30 and makes the gun vibrate harshly when shooting. Function is 100% consistent when running a single type of ammo. If I decrease gas by one click I lose BHO on the softer ammo, and the more violent cycling ammo will then cycle smoothly. To clarify, some low pressure 223 cycles violently and some cycles properly. (I.E.5.56 55gr XM193 cycles violently, but 5.56 77gr MK262 Mod1 cycles smooth.) What gives?! Any suggestions to remedy the problem? EDIT: OPTION #1 Would anyone recommend replacing the low mass BCG with the Bootleg adjustable BCG? https://www.weaponoutfitters.com/bootleg-adjustable-carrier.html PROS- On the fly fine tuning between gas settings. CONS- Added mass, possibly added maintenance, cost. OPTION #2 Should I skip all this head-scratching and just shoot ammo that functions properly in my rifle? Or is it wrong to run my rifle in such a narrow window of operation?
  2. When considering larger frame ARs for 308 and similar calibers, the 3-gun focused recommendation has always been to go for lower reciprocating mass internals to reduce recoil and disturbance from the carrier moving. OK, got that. Makes perfect sense and if I shoot Heavy Metal that's absolutely the way I will go. However, in other places (not around BE.com) I have seen people discuss using full mass carriers to help with long range precision AR work. They make comments about trying to extend lock up while shooting. I wasn't clear if it was for accuracy or trying to work the brass less. These aren't fast double taps like in close range 3-gun but instead single long range precision shots. Is there any merit to using a full-mass carrier for a large frame AR upper dedicated to precision shooting? Seems like the recoil would be more pronounced. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  3. I am in the design phase for a shared lower with two uppers LR-308 pattern rifle. One upper would be 16"-18" 308 for Heavy Metal 3-gun. The other upper would be in 6.5 or 6 Creedmoor. I would like to do low mass internals as well as adjustable gas. SLR adjustable gas blocks and a JP captured spring system are fixed into the design. Those aren't up for discussion. I mention them in case that changes your recommendations. Besides JP, Rhino, and Rubber City Armory, who else make a 308 bolt carrier that would be worth investigating for my two uses? One of the makers has replied to me with their BCG weight (including bolt). Anybody got measured weights on these makers I have listed or for your recommended maker's product? Thank you for your assistance.
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