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  1. American Reloading has some in stock. Both 165 and 180's in bulk.
  2. I have the same rifle you do and love it, good choice. I reload the Hornady 55 FMJ's also and seat them to 2.230 with a light crimp, not sure why you need to load them that long. Also with H335 I use a mag primer and prime off press and have never had a problem. You didn't mention what dies you use but I would invest in a Wilson case gauge to set your resizing die. Another good powder to try if you can find it is TAC. I get real good groups with TAC and a 55grn FBHP bulk bullet seated to 2,250. The only thing I changed in my rifle is the trigger, dropped in a Timney and made a world of difference over the mil-spec trigger.
  3. Sounds like you are a little lite on powder there. I load 21.5 grains H-322 OAL 2.225 and have no problems out of two rifles, both with 16". Book loads are a good starting point but you have to see what your gun likes.
  4. OK....will try some 20 round strings and go up .2 with the AA2.
  5. Hi All Just got a chrono and ran some rounds over it today. Gun is a 3.8 XDM 9mm. I shot one group of ten each for the different powder loads. Wanted to post the results to see if I'm on the right track. OAT was about 77 degrees winds calm. Chrono was in the shade but straight line of sight up. First set: mixed brass AA2 4.0 at 1.12 OAL Bayou 135 grain 948 H 927 L 938 Avg 21 ES 6 SD 126 PF Second set: mixed brass Solo 4.2 at 1.12 OAL Bayou 135 Grain 989 H 927 L 976 Avg 25 ES 8 SD 131 PF I am going to raise the AA2 load by .2 grains and see what PF I get with it. Every once in a while the slide will not lock back and FTF with the AA2 load. This is the wife's gun so I can't get radical. She does like the feel with the AA2 but she has RA so need to keep recoil reasonable. She will normally shoot 250/300 rounds at the range. Since this is a compact with a double spring I think an extra .2 grains, if not more, should help out. I am only using the Bayou Bullets, love them. I know I could go to 147 grain but still have 2K of the 135's.
  6. Got It! Thanks for that idea, it worked. Have to load 125 LRN's a lot shorter for the M&P from now on. Lesson learned there. Thanks to all that tried to help out on this problem, next time I'll know better. Are you using the Missouri 125 gr rn? Those not as pointy as many other 9mm out there. Causes them to have to be loaded short or they will get stuck.i run a different 125gr all day long at 1.15 Yes they are Missouri 125 LRN. Not sure yet if I will stay with lead or go back to plated. The bullet was jammed into the barrel, that was the problem. No damage done but took awhile to clean after the HP38, also had some leading but it cleaned out with the Lewis kit. Which 125 do you run?
  7. Got It! Thanks for that idea, it worked. Have to load 125 LRN's a lot shorter for the M&P from now on. Lesson learned there. Thanks to all that tried to help out on this problem, next time I'll know better.
  8. Sorry about your gun. Just for others looking back at this, that's a really light charge. My 125gr lead minor load is 4.3gr of HP-38/W231 in my M&P's. Gun never fired with this round, was going to finish off the box to switch to Clays powder. These worked fine in wife's SR9c with only one FTF.
  9. Have tried that several times with no luck....seems like an internal jam but not sure. Has about 1/4 inch or so of return spring rod sticking out. Was thinking of driving out the rear 1/8th roll pin to see if that would release enough to unload and get the slide off.
  10. Thanks to all who replied. Tried the HP38 (DIRTY)! Went and got some Clays and loaded 3.0 grains under 147 LFP at 1.145 and they worked well in the SR9c. Wife really liked them. Now for the problem....I loaded my M&P 9mm with some 125 LRN over HP38 at 3.4 grains 1.145 OAL and I now have one stuck in the gun. The slide didn't lock and went ...click...when I pulled the trigger, didn't realize until after. Now the slide is locked and won't retract or close...any ideas??? I have shot OAL at 1.15 with no problems using 115 grain plated, several hundred rounds. I do have the APEX DCAEK in the gun but have at least three hundred rounds through it since it was installed.
  11. Thanks all.....lot of good info. I will load some rounds and head for the range in the morning. Just put the DCAEK from Apex Tactical in my M&P 9mm so will see how these rounds work in that too.
  12. Looking for loading info for a soft recoil round for the wife's SR9c. I just got in some 147 grain Missouri Bullet 147 grain 9mm FP. I have several powders, HP 38, HS 6, Power Pistol and Unique. Need some info on OAL and loads that would shoot well for her. TIA
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