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  1. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I was cleaning out my gun room and I've had a couple cases of 9mm 147gr Black Talon ammo. I know they are a novelty to some, a joke to others. But realistically how much could I get for an unopened case of this ammo? I've heard upwards of $5 a round, but would like to open this up to get some feedback before I list a case for sale. Thanks.
  2. Shoot 1 then clean for 5 shots. Shoot 5 then clean for 25 shots. Don't clean until accuracy drops off. Estimated 250-400 rounds. Every barrel is different on the fouling though.
  3. Was looking at these triggers. Since you did not reply back into this thread, can I safely assume that the SD3G trigger you have is working great? It did solve the issues I was having, and I quite liked using the trigger. However recently I switched to the HiperFire 24C. This trigger gives the best balance I've seen between precision shots and fast splits.
  4. Nice shooting. Quick question for you. On stage 3, what method did you use to load the extra shell into your shotgun once you started using it. you must have done it when the RO was blocking the vid cause I counted 9 shots plus one that you racked out at the very beginning before going dry. Its was pretty fast. Nice shooting.Quick question for you. On stage 3, what method did you use to load the extra shell into your shotgun once you started using it. you must have done it when the RO was blocking the vid cause I counted 9 shots plus one that you racked out at the very beginning before going dry. Its was pretty fast. Dang was somebody shooting Open Division after all? Good call Vlad. That's exactly what happened. When I first looked at the video, I was a little worried I had 10 in the gun. But thinking about it pretty deep afterward, one of my main mental issues with the stage was when that happened. It totally screwed me up after that. Missing targets left and right, and in the end my matchsaver wasn't there for the open-bolt last shot I needed it.
  5. Great match! Staff and stages have been awesome. Thanks everyone for a great match
  6. Salient Arms International is making a rifle with a 16" barrel and a rifle length gas system on it. I don't think they are selling just the barrels though.
  7. Awe you mean where you actually have to make good shots on paper. I like it.PatLet someone shoot you in the D zone and tell me it not a good shot afterwards.Yea but I would be around to complain about it not so much with an A zone hit. A byproduct of the current 2 anywhere to neutralize scoring is sloppy shooting. It is there match let them score it how they want without bashing on it. The same people will still win regardless.Pat Only one way to find out! What I dislike is that it takes longer to score than shoot which means less time to shoot! I haven't spoken to Aaron today, but rules should be posted soon AND it will have the scoring system we will use. Yes, there is a refund-I need to confirm the cut off date. There is a non-refunable $50.00 adminstration fee no matter when you withdraw. I will endeavor to confirm the cut off date and advise you accordingly...but seriously-I'm getting calls from people in the UK wanting to come play and it isn't Mike.45! Never quite understood the "administrative fee". If there are shooters on the wait list, shouldn't be any issues.... oh well I'm entered in the match. Guess I have to figure it out within a couple days then
  8. I just heard about this an hour ago. Is there a refund if we figure out we can't make it after the fact?
  9. What purpose? To have a division without a gear race. Most new shooters getting into three gun love the sport but are turned off by the money they have to spend. Having a division that caters to those who want to keep the costs lower is a good thing and has proven popular in our little experiment up here. Please don't compare this idea to IDPA its nothing like that at all. Not bashing IDPA but the intent of this division is far from the intent of IDPA. I shot my entire first year using basic gear and I didn't feel inferior or needing the hottest thing out at the time. I worked into the sport and figured out what I needed and what would allow me to progress. I'm two years into the game and just yesterday got my first ten round tube for my shotty. A gear race? No I don't think it is. Does the guy with a Surefire mag make him shoot faster than me? Does the 12 rnd tubes make the 100's of guys shooting them faster than me? No I don't believe so. It's a race against the clock. Not against the high capacity gear.
  10. I'm with EkuJustice. No sense in worrying about what the new shooter has "lying around". Most times new shooters will not be competitive with the seasoned vet anyway. They will most likely (most definitely) buy more gear as they progress. They can choose which route they want to go. 30rnd restriction on rifle? For what purpose? So you are forced to make a reload to finish out the stage? kinda starting to sound like IDPA if you ask me.
  11. Hahaha! I figured as much Jesse! My diarhea of the mouth usually ends up screwing me in the end! Unfortuantely winmagfrog hit the nail on the head. And really, the initial issue with this thread was kind of to get an idea how to deal with situations. Because in the end, it is usually the shooter who loses the battle, either from the RO's becoming more likely to hand out penalties or not give you the benefit of the doubt, or from reputation. And unfortuantely when someone gets a little harsh with me, I tend to return the favor. And I can only imagine how it is working a match day after day in the heat, cold, rain, snow, etc.... Thats exactly why I refuse to RO. I do try to give the benefit of the doubt most times. Because many times I need that same benefit.
  12. I edited the post a tad. Maybe I should've thought a few minutes before I speak (type). A problem of mine since I was young..... For the most part, I will agree. RO's, MD's, and most all match staff are very professional and consistent throughout the matches. But here and there, there can be problems. Unfortunately it always seems to be the bad ones that stick out in your head. I will also admit, I can sometimes be the problem because I don't respond well to yelling, inconsistent orders, and know-all be-all attitudes. But one instance sticks out in my head. Last year, my squad was on a break before the next stage started. We had a half hour or so and was walking around the stage. No one was shooting the stage at the time and it was empty. A very well respected shooter was downrange and tapped the steel to see how heavy it was. The RO yelled, "don't touch the fu&*ing steel!" I looked at the RO and said 'If you don't want to be here, you don't have to. And if being somewhere else would make you happier, please go there.'
  13. I guess I should've been a little more articulate in the begining of the post. This isn't every match, every RO, and every stage. Rather it seems to be happening more often than I would've expected. And I have aplogized to RO's for my behavoir a few times. When the issue is mine, I am not too proud to admit it. And if you have NEVER seen an RO get nasty, I would like to shoot the matches you go to. But then again, YMMV....
  14. Over the past couple years, I've noticed some times with match staff at some of the 3-gun matches around the country. Rude and unprofessional match staff..... Is this a trend? Do you see it? Have any experience with it? Sometimes administrative issues such as running behind, bad weather, target issues, etc.. are unavoidable at big matches. But when these things happen, it is not the shooters' fault. It seems like when the stages get backed up, targets go down and need maint. etc, the RO's can get very nasty and rude trying to hurry shooters through the stages. Like many people, I invest a decent amount of time and money to go to these matches. Not to mention the time off work. I don't like being yelled or screamed at and hurried through a walk-through, or load out. Has it always been like this? I like many people will most likely continue to deal with such things because other than not shoot at all (which will never happen), there really isn't anything that can be done. Anyone who knows me, probably knows I am not one to hold back if I have something to say. So periodically, I let the RO's know I don't pay money to be yelled at or rushed through a stage. This usually does not go well. Then it becomes my fault things aren't going well and benefit of the doubt goes the way of the Dodo bird.... Is there any recourse? Any remedy? Dislcaimer: This is not the case with EVERY match. I've been to many matches that a very well ran, very professional, and planned very well. Also, I am not without my faults of periodically getting an attitude when things don't go well...
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