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  1. My wife reminds me of that!!!! I am 43. I keep well hydrated, I eat on or two banannas a day but I do not suppliment for potassium. Cramping has not been and issue other than 20+ mile mtn bike ride and I know that was from inadequate hyrdration/electrolites. As a rule I avoid all sports drinks. I think it boils down to more frequent and proper stretching. I am cutting back on the coffee as well, which should be better for me :-)
  2. I admit, I love coffee..... I thought I had heard somewhere how coffee (caffeinated drinks) can cause stiffness in muscles. I Mountain bike quite a bit and have no issues, but when I run I quite often pull a muscle in my calf, sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left. I do stretch, maybe as not as much as possible. Even with the stretching I often feel stiff. Is there anything to the caffeine causing stiffness, and muscle pulls? It has only been in my calves. Maybe it is from the biking? It is discouraging as I also like to run. I am active with strength training, which consists mostl
  3. Thanks everyone, I am going to try different ammo first. And some more work off a good rest to try and make a better decision. I think this particular gun may be passed on to my wife and I am looking at a 9L or pro. I may go with the L and work the trigger over. Maybe the gun will behave differently for my wife, she has no plans to shoot any matches with it and wants a crimson trace laser grip. If the gun still shoots low with the factory sight we will replace the rear with a adjustable. Rich
  4. With the factory sights on the M&P only adjustable for windage, what can I do for elevation? The gun shoots about 4-5" low at 25 yards. Ammo does not seem to make a differance. Should I just change my POA? I would rather POA and POI be the same, or is that asking too much?! I am a new M&P shooter what can I do to correct this? BTW, the responses to any of my previous posts have been AWESOME!! A huge thanks to everyone! Rich
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