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  1. What type of solution do you recommend to clean all the parts with after disassembly? Are there products I should make sure to avoid? I'm about to take down my RL550B for the first time and clean, lubricate and reassemble. I haven't had it very long, but the guy I purchased it from got it originally in the mid 90's. It has been great thus far and I love it. Just recently I noticed it wasn't as smooth in either direction during the stroke even after additional lubrication as recommended in other threads here and have decided to give it a little more in-depth TLC.
  2. ++1. Had a fantastic time. I learned a lot and had a blast in the process. A huge thanks to Peter and all the people that helped make it possible. Also, thanks to Mark for putting up with me, seemingly stage after stage. Your insight and patience was appreciated.
  3. I ordered the Springer Precision kit for my XDM 40 back in the spring. A fellow shooter at my local club with significantly more experience than I was kind enough to do the install. I must say that this trigger has exceeded my expectations. It improved the feel and consistency significantly as well as eliminated any chance I would ever have of blaming an errant shot on something other than my uncooperative and impatient finger. While I'm certain the other products mentioned are quality options as well, Springer Precision is the only one I have any experience with and it was all positive.
  4. +1 on the Dawson Precision. I have the plain back adjustable rear with the thin red fiber front on my 4.5 XDM 40. I have been very pleased and it increased my confidence with tight shots. Not that my confidence was very high to begin with.......
  5. Welcome to the land of knowledge! Happy searching!
  6. WOW! That is an absolutely terrible chain of events. Here's hoping for a full recovery.
  7. I'm a sponge in the sea of knowledge.

  8. What type of hat camera/setup are you all using for the POV footage in the videos?
  9. Wow. Tons of great info to be had here and throughout this forum. Thank you Boz for mentioning this to me! I love it!
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