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  1. 147gr Precision Moly over 3.0gr of N320 loaded to 1.10. Gives me 131pf
  2. Any chance of posting some pictures to share with us.
  3. +1 for me. I use the exact load and get the same PF in same type of gun.
  4. The two tone gun looks very nice. Almost makes me want to get another SP-01 like that one. Thanks for keeping us updated with the custom shops new items.
  5. Will you be shooting with MPPL? We have a 101 class Aug 22 or an earlier match on Aug 8. If so I'll see you there! I usually shoot Limited, but production sometimes with my sp-01. PM me if you have any questions.
  6. I shoot precision 147gr in 9mm over 3.0gr of N320 loaded to 1.105 for my SP-01. Makes 131PF. They work great with not that much smoke and a very soft feel.
  7. Nice video for guys/gals that are beginning to tinker with their own gun.
  8. 8082011

    Front sight

    All-Gator, Let me look through my spare parts bin and I'll PM you if I find my front sight. It's off a sp-01.
  9. Sal, I was very surprised as well. My thought is the short OAL I have to load for my gun. The chrono tell the story and I guess that's why we start low and work up.
  10. Ten shot strings out of a full size gun with no barrel holes. The powders I used were HS-6 and AutoComp seated with MG 124gr JHP and WSP loaded to 1.170. HS-6 Avg velocity. PF 7.9 1358.5 168.5 8.1 1391.3 172.5 8.3 1492.6 185.1 AutoComp 6.8 1367.3 169.5 6.9 1380.5 171.2 7.0 1401.7 173.8 Edit to add: loads are for 9 major
  11. Here's my N320 loads I made up and put through the chrono. Everything remained the same, just changed powder. 3.0 gr N320 Avg velocity 885 PF 130.98 3.2 gr N320 Avg velocity 966 PF 142.97 The comparison between the two was very different. The autocomp load has more "flip" then the N320 which is expected due to it being a slower powder. The N320 has a nice quick "push" and small "flip" is the best I can describe it. We all know the slower powder is going to do what I described above. I just wanted to experiment since I had both powders available.
  12. Here's my load for you to consider. I load my 40sw to 1.22 using Zero 180 JHP with 5.0gr of N320 and WSP. Power factor is 169 when chrono last.
  13. Adding my data to the pile. I answered my own question by making up some loads with autocomp. The only reason why I wanted to try it because it was in my powder dispenser already. 10 shot strings out of a CZ SP01 loaded to 1.105 topped with precision bullets 147gr and federal sp primers. The handfull I weighed were 148.1gr-148.3gr. I used 148 for the PF calculation 3.5 gr of autocomp Avg velocity 870.9 PF 128.9 3.7gr autocomp Avg velocity 897.6 PF 132.8 3.9gr autocomp Avg velocity 938.7 PF 138.9 I will be loading N320 next and will post data along with a comparison between the two powders.
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