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  1. Yes. They are. The only difference is the magazine channel is bigger in the large frame due to more material were taken out from the frame to accept a slightly larger magazines. Not to derail the thread, but I've heard from tons of people - Eric himself even - that externally the small frame and the large frame are exactly the same in terms of dimension. You have a ton of experience with these guns as well, so now I'm confused.
  2. But who is the 1st place? 38SC or9? 4th place and 8th place shooters at the 2012 Open Nationals shot 9mm. How do I know? Because Glock doesn't make mags that fit 38s for the 4th place shooter and I shoot with the 8th place shooter every weekend.
  3. I had tried them both and IMHO the CZ/Tan grips ergonomics are still a little bit more comfortable than the STI/SVI/2011. The steel grip for the SVI is still a little bit thicker than the Tanfoglio. If installed the Henning grips or the Eric Grauffel's grips, the Tanfoglio will be much thinner than the SVI for sure. But with the steel grips, the SVI is even heavier than the Tanfoglio. I'm refer to open gun only.
  4. New brass has the perfect straight walls, why do we need to resize them?
  5. I think the one you bought is not made specifically for Tanfoglio...may be that's the problem...
  6. The one you bought is it made for Tanfoglio? And why you keep dropping your mags? Does it hit by your palm?
  7. My post got over 100 views without a single answer... Don't expect you'll hear anything any soon...
  8. Can't happen until I'd used up the 10K supercomp
  9. Hi Henning and others, I'd started to load the 38SC [starline] for my Large frame V8. As suggested by Eric G, I should not load anything longer than 31.6mm(1.24"). But I found the dimension of the large frame mag at Henning website is 1.345" x 0.850". Is that means I can load it a little longer like 1.25"?? Will 1.25" function in the large frame factory mags? As seen from the pic below, due to the shape of my bullet and the length of the shank [124RN], this is what it looks like with 1.244". Does it looks fine? If I seat a little deeper to 1.24", I afraid the bullet will start to set back. Moreover, as Henning suggested, I'd just crimp the bell out with minimum crimp. I have 2 measurment. Same crimp setting. (1)With new brass is 0.3805". (2) With brass that U-died is 0.380". Do I have enough crimp? What crimp measurment do you have? Hope anyone can be advised. 3rd Picture below shown how deep the bullet seated inside the case indicated with the long line. Short line indicated how much the bullet remains before it start to curve.
  10. Thanks. Tried a dummy today and the die goes all the way in and I observed the brass still has about 1.5mm of bulged. Is this the optimium already? Can I go even further down? Left is New brass. Right is dummy brass sized with UGW. [starline]
  11. Thanks. But how do I know if it's too much down the case or just enough?
  12. http://i255.photobuc...11/RTSMount.jpg Instead of suggesting someone else make a copy of my mount, you could buy it from me http://www.ccgunwork...olio-rts-mount/ That's my intention but couldn't find the pic
  13. Hi, Just got the EGW U-Die for 38SC. I'm using a Lee single stage press to prep the case before reloading as I'm having a Dillion SDB the universal dies will not fit the thread of the first station. Can anyone tell me how to correctly set it up so it has the best possible sizing for the brass? All I know is screw in the die, and pull the handle so the die is just touching the shell plate/holder of the press. Then what next to adjust to have the optimum sizing? Hope anyone can advise.
  14. http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh140/calvin_yung04/Tanfoglio%20Eric%20Custom%20Gold%202011/RTSMount.jpg
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