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  1. Adam Pini

    Get'n grip

    He's never worked on frames that I know of. He works(ed) on grips. The grip is the plastic part. The frame is the metal part the grip goes on. I meant on Glock Frames. Sorry I should have been a little bit clearer on that
  2. Adam Pini

    Get'n grip

    So any word on if hes gonna start working on frames again?
  3. Adam Pini

    New Beretta

    I just sold mine!!! So Im hoping I can wait till the sporting version comes out. If not Im just gonna hop on a normal one.
  4. Adam Pini

    New Beretta

    I have shot the new xplorer alot recently. Our beretta rep brought out an a400, dt10 & a SV10 for us to try out. Im primaraly a trap shooter. (class a in ATA) and we played around with all the guns on the skeet field and the trap field. When I shot the A400 I was totally surprised that it shot high just like my normal trap gun. So after shooting a 23 on the skeet field I took it down to the trap field and ran 50 strait with it. It recoils ungodly soft with the kickoff and even without the kickoff it was soft and smooth. I shot probably 200 rds threw it and it was everything from 2 3/4 light target loads to 3 1/2 steel loads threw it and it ate everything up. One of the nicest things about the gun is the new gas piston system on it. Its a whole lot smaller than the xtrema 2. Im thinking that this gun will replace the xtrema 2 in the next year or two. After shooting this gun Im going to pick up a sporting clays version thats suppose to come out in Nov. You will truly love shooting this gun!
  5. Lately i've been running this load threw my g19 as a puffer load to play around with. Its really quiet threw my buddys AAC can. IMR PB, 3.8 gr Hornady XTP 124gr JHP bullets Federal Small Pistol Primers C.O.L: 1.25"
  6. Hey guys I just got a pound of VV N320 and Im trying to figure out a good minor load for my G35. Im using Hornady XTP 180 Gr with a C.O.L of 1.125. Any help would be amazing
  7. Adam Pini

    Get'n grip

    I would man.... But I dont have the balls or the steady hand to do it. Plus I believe its an art and I have handled a few of his frames and they are pure sex.
  8. Adam Pini

    Get'n grip

    This sucks. I wanted to get my limited gun done before the season starts up around here. And boresite is like 9 weeks wait time
  9. Adam Pini

    Get'n grip

    Does anyone have his number
  10. Well guys this forum has been ungodly helpful in my reloading so far. Ive shot up all my 124 & 147 bullets and my mom got me 200 rounds of Hornady's 124gr XTP. Can anyone help me on a load with Solo 1000 to make 130 PF?
  11. Reports suggest that the receiver is smaller than Gen 3 (roughly comparable to an SF frame vs. a standard 20/21/29/30 frame) and that the gun ships with two additional backstraps. The smaller of the two should come close to replicating the Gen. 3 feel; the larger should get it closer to the feel of the 20/21.... Correct. I absolutely love the frame as is. No need for the extra back straps for me.
  12. Well right now mg is 122.00 for 1k and delta is 84.00 thats a pretty huge differenece. and im not in any rush so if it take a little time to get them. How are zero bullets and where would you recommend getting them. I got those prices from there websites. Is there any other places that carry those bullets. I just for sure what 147gr and i really didnt like the berry bullets i got to start out.
  13. I need to order 1000 bullets and i want 147gr. who makes the best for the money. Montana gold or Delta? If theres any other ones lmk
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