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  1. jtaylor996, Thank you, I did not know this product existed. $25 for the plastic one may be worth it after my bag of rubber bands runs out. By then there maybe another product. Handloaders are a creative bunch.
  2. Thank you for the info. It is good to know. I do not have any o-rings but, I do have a bag of rubber bands that will take years to run out and they were free from a prior work project. What ever works.
  3. Here is my fix to stop the Powder Measure from turning. A stout rubber band. It works good.
  4. I think the RED VS BLUE is just funny. They are slightly different systems with the same end product. I also like the side by side comparison videos.
  5. I bought a LNL 15 plus years ago after much research but the clincher was I found a guy that had a LNL he used once and was selling it for half price. I load half rifle and half pistol and I had all the dies I needed so the LNL was a better fit for me. A co-worker, a die hard BLUE PRESS fanatic (I think he wears only blue underwear to show loyalty) lives hours from our office needed to reload for a range session. I offered my RED press and he came over just to harass me and to load some ammo. I set the press up for him and he complained about the color of the press for two hours as
  6. Semper Gumby - always flexible..... :-) How clean is clean enough? What ever works for you.
  7. Did you truly compare the inside of the cases and the primer pockets for both methods? With or without pins, the outsides of the cases look perfect. Without pins, the insides of the cases and the primer pockets don't get as clean. I'd still consider them acceptable for most all loading purposes, but they are not as clean compared to using pins. Before I bought a vibratory tumbler using walnut shell media, I washed (let soak for several hours) my brass with hot water, dawn dish soap and a little white vinegar. The basic washing method did enough to clean so I could reload the brass with ou
  8. Update: I tried wet tumbling, one squirt Dawn dish soap, 1/8 teaspoon Lemishine, hot water, one hour tumbling. NO pins. Unless your brass is so caked with crap - I saw very little difference than two hours tumbling with pins. For me, now - no pins and one hour tumbling.
  9. I got one and like it. No dust but it takes some rinsing to get all the black out of the wash water. I did get the larger pins and tumble for two hours. I am going to try with out the pins and only tumble for one hour.
  10. CocoBolo, Thank you, I will give that a try right now. I tried your fix - worked great...... Highly recommend to all.
  11. This is how I fixed the rain and up-side down cases. Now the cases just get stuck on the left side of the opening next to the movable metal flat plate. I used a business card and held up with black tape.
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