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  1. The idea behind the gun was to use the top for PPC and bullseye shooting on the same 5" platform. Since our limited guns has to fit the IPSC box it was never the intention to use it for IPSC. The 6" top has now been converted into open and the gun is sold. I do run the new 5.4 and has used it at some big matches this year, I like heavy guns so the added weight doesn't bother me and it feels easier to be more precise with it, especially at distance. I highly recommend the 5.4
  2. Not exactly the same but check out picture 17&18 here http://matsbackstrom.com/gallery_infinity.htm its a 6" barrel in a 5" slide.
  3. http://www.matsbackstrom.com/Gallery/Infinity/slideshow.html
  4. Great post Bill! I had a similar experience stopping by the factory on my way to the 2009 Nationals. I hadn't planned for any work I just wanted to see the factory. Brandon decided to check my gun and found a crack in the barrel (I used N310 back then,bad move) they stayed well beyond darkness to fit a new barrel, redo the LPI on the top rib and ended up giving the gun a new finish. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable taking so much of their time and tried to intervene a few times with "ok that is good enough for me" but the reply was always "but it isn't for us" and they keep working until they were happy. Fantastic service. I've also just ordered the new 5.4" standard gun and it feels just like being 5 again waiting for Santa.. Agonizing but once it's here time lapsed is forgotten.
  5. If you are looking for anything but 320 for .40 IPSC Major then try to find some Clays. N310 will eventually blow up you barrel so don't go there. My experience with 340 is that it creates much more muzzleflit compared to N320.
  6. You do have some fantastic guns, I'll add them to my growing gallery if you don't mind. http://www.matsbackstrom.com/Gallery/Infinity/slideshow.html @Julien, I think you can grind one side down like a "Schwobbiduee" to make it fit the box.
  7. I haven't tested too much with my 140 tubes but the rest is tested and proven to work. Hope this helps
  8. I always show up at a match with a clean gun, then its the match schedule that determine how often I clean. I use Slide Glide lite on all my guns (open, limited and .22) and its the best I've used, the gun stays lubed forever.
  9. Jeremiah, The venue for the Swedish Nationals are not set for next year so it might not be in Gothenburg, but you'll find one of Swedens largest and most active clubs in Gothenburg - IPSC GOT. The Swedish customs has information about travelling to Sweden with firearms -Swedish Customs Once the venue is set it will be published on IPSC Sweden's homepage It might be difficult to find information in English so if you need any assitance let me know.
  10. It was a very good match and with Double Impact, Henning and parts of Team Infinity amongst the shooters the competition was stiff. HD Videos can been seen in my gallery. www.matsbackstrom.com
  11. Of course you can. If you need a specific angle let me know and I'll take some more photos. Thanks, Its now part of my GB_101.
  12. Great, its been improved with more pictures as well. I've been busy with starting a new club but my pags is now updated to reflect GB. If you have cool pictures please send them and I'll put them on.
  13. Fantastic looking gun, Do you mind if I use your pictures in my Gunbuilder 101?
  14. This is my "ugly duckling" version.. the good things is that it cost me nothing to build, and still works a good year into service. http://www.matsbackstrom.com/Index_Pages/AirSoft.html
  15. Paul, Likewize I hope I can make it again this year (and shoot well). I'm waiting for the snow to melt before I throw my new gun through the paces. I'm sure we both will do better ;-)
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