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  1. Brian mentioned slapping the belly. That's close to where it should start to happen. Get the weak hand on the gun as soon as possible. Don't chase the gun with your hand. It will be indexed as soon as the grip is complete. You can shoot when you see enough.
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    Very Patriotic 18 Stars?
  3. ...some kind of secret limerick-writing code.... I have the American Heritage Dictionary left over from years ago. The Font that went with it is long gone, so thats the way it comes up. I think you would get the same effect, from pasting it into the forum. Please, save the award for an actual Limerick. No prize for a cheezy GIF, unless it rymes. Time limit- 1 day? 1 week? All Month?
  4. Be prepared for rhyme by the pile Each with its own special style 5 anapestic lines Scheme of AABBA rhymes And Bonus! They might make you an0a0pest also an0a0paest (an2õ-pRst1) n. 1. A metrical foot composed of two short syllables followed by one long one, as in the word seventeen. 2. A line of verse using this meter; for example,. —an1a0pes2tic adj American Heritage Dictionary
  5. Not legal for Limited/Lim10 or Production. My friendly local gunsmith makes them. He checked with Amidon, and got the thumbs down. Most of the experienced shooters here will tell you to avoid the thumb rest. They say that using the thumbs on the pistol will "steer" it in recoil.
  6. The Club Program Manual is packed with great information, but I have a problem with the section on RO'ing. Under the heading "USE PROPER RANGE COMMANDS" page 54, it presents some of the commands improperly. First comand? "HAVE YOU READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE COURSE OF FIRE?" Followed by; "FACE DOWNRANGE, LOAD AND MAKE READY!" Promoting improper range commands is causing trouble for USPSA members. I am looking at the 4th ed, C2000. Is there a newer version? -------------------- I also sent this to Rob Boudrie, my AD.
  7. "If you have read and understand the course description........load and make ready" I only get that one when there is no written description. Does anyone think about what they are saying? About half the competitors don't remember the start position. It's the least important part of most stages. No need to make a big deal out of it.
  8. I have a bottle of the Prince Grip around somewhere. Any tips on how to keep it spritzing? I got a tube of some stuff at one of the Marts. It was like anti-perspirant creme. Yuck!
  9. Using the grease that came with my Dillon, and Tightgroup is not a powder I like. I'm still able to go a long while without cleaning. Last Wens. night the guy at the safe table next to me says it's been about 300 rounds since he cleaned it, and he hopes it will run. I laugh, say I 've gone about 2000 rounds, and won't be looking to clean for a good while yet. I lean over and look at his Caspian. Barely any soot. I lock my P-16 open and show him, you could make mud pies. Gun is still tight, smooth, and runs forever. I did admit, that it does take a long time to get all the gunk out.
  10. Do you find it odd, that if you make them thin, they crack? Id like a set of factory plastic PO grips for a reasonable price.
  11. It's a Range quipment failure, and a reshoot is required. 9.1.5 It's also a failure of stage design and setup. 2.1.8 USPSA 14th ed. -------- Wow I've got to start typing faster. (Edited by Rich Bagoly at 10:59 pm on Feb. 19, 2003)
  12. We require everyone to demonstrate that they can safely draw. No exceptions. That is not going to change. You would make it illegal to cycle the slide before firing the first shot? If it is so unsafe, the same rule should apply to open, and limited too.
  13. You guys are not helping. Don't prohibit something just because you would not do it. Think freestyle. Be tolerant.
  14. The COF was illegal. The last sentance of 1.1.5 states; The specified hand must be used exclusively from the point stipulated for the balance of the string or stage. I agree with BSeevers on scoring it. I also think that Comstock should not be used when re-engaging the same targets. That's what Virginia count is for.
  15. Manualy lowering the hammer on a live round is a whole different issue. The normal ready condition includes a round in the chamber. Would you be allowed to start with an empty chamber?
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