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  1. Thanks - points noted. The barrels are full of rubber chip - the ranges are freshly constructed and until the berms settle we don't want to chew up the banks. Once the grass has grown and the dirt has settled we'll have some more 'normal' set ups.
  2. Hi all, Would appreciate your views of my latest club match - be brutally honest - I can take it... Have been out of action for a few months and getting back up to speed. Hard to tell what grade I am by USA standards (M grade in New Zealand). Only one other guy shooting Open with me so I was 100% all the way... I have already picked up on the fact that I need to work on transition speed and so have been working this hard following this video. Also need to get the gun up heading into each array. Would be keen to know any low hanging fruit you observe. Points as follows - generally dropping C's, the odd D. Open major. Stage 1: 136 / 145 Stage 2: 87 / 95 Stage 3: 133 / 140 Stage 4: 98 / 115 (shot a PT... dragged the gun across the three targets below the swinger and didn't drive it to each target separately).
  3. In my opinion you need a short stick in case there is a prone stage under a port where a big stick would raise the gun too high... Only ever had this happen once, but once is enough!
  4. 4x 170's and 4x 140's. If I have to reload, once I collect the dirty mag off the ground it goes back in my range bag for the day and doesn't get used again until it's cleaned
  5. The dot size variation between manufacturers astounds me... How a 2.5MOA and an 8MOA can look the same is ridiculous, when it should be measurable at 100yds. I've noticed this too. From your picture / description, I'm glad I went for the 3MOA RTS2 - 8MOA is way too big for my personal liking Thanks for the pic.
  6. Shot a club match this past weekend. Crazy small is right - but it's very precise and is bright enough even with the sun from behind. Could aim for the centre of a 6" plate at 40m no problems. For now - I love it!
  7. Thanks folks - I've gone with an RTS2. Will get it fitted for the weekend and see how we go! Went for the 3moa (as that was all I could find) - I use a 4moa in my slideride at the moment and hoping that with it on full brightness it will appear large enough... Will let you all know how I get on!
  8. An update - checked all of the dimensions of my feed lips. 3 out of 4 big sticks were good, but the fourth was running 0.010" wider than the others. Marked the mag and went to the range. Turns out it was the mag 100%. All three big sticks ran fine, but the fourth jammed multiple times per mag full. Problem solved! Thanks for all of your help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi all, Sorry to reopen such an old thread - have a couple of questions. I run a sideways CMore and am getting fed up with having to jam my weak hand thumb into the gap where my thumb rest sits. More often than not I miss the grip (I dry fire a lot) and I'm tempted to go back to an upright CMore because of it. However I like the dot height of the sideways CMore and the lack of ejection issues - both of which could potentially be solved by going to an RTS2 or the Leupold. @Shadyscott999 It looks like it's been just over a year since you tried the DPP - still running it? Any issues? Does anyone have a measure of the height of the dot above the base of the scope for the RTS2 and the Leupold? I'd like to compare dot heights above the bore for the upright CMore, RTS2, Leupold and sideways CMore; although I'd suggest those are roughly in the right order but RTS2 / Leupold are probably interchangeable? Cheers, Ryan
  10. Ah interesting point - yes will definitely check the magazines and see - hadn't considered that as a potentiometer problem. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks guys. Running IPSC major loads around 170PF with a 9lb variable spring. Have tried a few different combinations of more powder and different springs. It's happened on and off over the last few months but yesterday was the first time I've been able to stop and take some pics. Will try and tweak the Aftec again (I usually bend them initially so they work properly with 2 springs than run it with one) and go lighter on the recoil spring again to try and get the slide velocity up. Cheers
  12. Hey team Had a few of these happen today. Unsure quite what is causing it. Extractor tension seems fine (Aftec) and ejection pattern seems normal. Would appreciate any thoughts? Cheers Ryan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Kia ora! I'm based in Auckland and am a born and bred kiwi. We have a few different license classes that let you own and shoot different category guns. "A Category" guns are bolt action sporting rifles or semis up to 7 rounds. "B Category" is for pistols. "C Category" is for collectors licenses and covers everything not in any other category (these can't be legally fired). "D Category" is for dealers. And "E Category" is for what we like to call MSSAs - military style semi automatics - semis with more than 7 rounds or a pistol grip. To get an A Category license is pretty straightforward - a background check by an interviewing police officer who also checks you have a safe to store them in. You need an A Category license before you can apply for the other license classes. To shoot pistols or E Cat rifles is a bit more complicated. For pistols you need to be a member of a pistol club (there are lots around, most shoot IPSC) and complete a set number of shoots in a probationary period. Then you can apply for the B endorsement to your license. Similar for E Cat - a couple of extra referees and a legitimate reason to own them and you're good to go. Oh and B and E Category guns need special storage - the equivalent of a 6mm steel, dual locked safe anchored to your house. Most pistol clubs around shoot IPSC - we also have 3 Gun which is currently run to IPSC rules - and multigun is just getting up and running (to 3 Gun Nation type rules). If you're a snow sports type then Queenstown is a hotspot in the South Island. Warm in summer (30+ degrees C) and surrounded by snow in winter. Good hunting opportunities too (deer and tahr). Ping me a PM if you want to know any more Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I had this recently. Combination of aftec too loose and ejector angle too flat. Was trying to throw the cases vertically out and then would lose grip on them! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Pick a spot where it will appear. Prep the trigger. Break the shot when it appears. Repeat when it appears again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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